Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy

Sometimes due to unexpected circumstances we have to cancel our reservation when flying your journey with Qatar Airways. However, it may involve a cancellation fee that the airline deducts before offering the refund. Therefore, You must recognize Qatar Airways cancellation policy before proceeding further. Understanding the rules quite well in advance helps saving on cancellation charges. 

Want to learn more? Get through the article below and discover everything about airline cancellation rules. 

Cancellation Rules on Qatar Airways 

No Doubt, Qatar Airways provides flexibility in canceling a flight ticket. However, you may need to pay a cancellation charge as per airline rules. Therefore, it is important to understand those rules in advance: 

Ticket Type 

  • Refundable Tickets: Qatar Airways provides flexibility to cancel refundable tickets. Therefore, It does not ask for a fee for tickets cancelled in 24 hours of reservation. Otherwise, it depends on the fare type and flight route. These tickets may cost more but provide more freedom. 
  • Non-Refundable Tickets: Qatar Airways usually does not provide a refund other than taxes and fees for cancelling a non refundable ticket. However, it may offer travel vouchers for future travel. Further, the voucher remains valid for one year from the date of issuance. These tickets are less expensive but can incur more cancellation fees. 

Class of Travel

  • Economy Class: Cancel a Economy Class ticket in 24 hours of booking and skip a fee. After this risk free period, Qatar Airways can charge a fee between $100 and $200 based on fare conditions. 
  • Business and First Class: Qatar Airways provides flexibility to premium class tickets. Therefore, Business Class or First Class can cancel their ticket for free till 24 hours prior to departure. For cancellation in 24 hours before departure, the airline can ask for a fee between $50 and $150 based on fare conditions. 

Timing of Cancellation

  • Ticket cancellation in 24 hours of Reservation:  As per Qatar Airways 24-hour cancellation policy, the airline charges no fee when a passenger cancels their ticket in 24 hours of booking.
  • Cancellation After Risk-free period and 24 Hours Prior to Departure: Qatar Airways charge a fee based on fare conditions, travel class and flight route. 
  • Within 24-hours Prior to Departure: Qatar Airways can demand higher charges or keep the entire ticket value in some circumstances.

Waive Cancellation Fee in Special Circumstances

Passengers can skip the cancellation fee in some circumstances. Qatar Airways understands every scenario that can happen to a passenger. Accordingly, it applies or removes the cancellation cost for passengers. Therefore, you do not need to pay a fee in the following circumstances: 

  • Medical emergency
  • Death of a close relative,
  • Changes in flight schedule through the airline. 

Furthermore, passengers may need to produce supporting documents to receive the fee waiver.  

How Much is the Cancellation Fee for Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways cancellation charges a fee based on the fare rules. However, cancelling a ticket in 24-hour of booking can get you a full refund. Also, remember that atleast 7 days should be left for flight departure. However, what after 24-hour of booking? The airline will deduct a particular amount depending on the fare class you purchased and return the remaining. 

For instance,

Qatar Airways can deduct a cancellation fee between $100 and $200 for Economy Class fares. The charges can be lower when you buy a ticket in Business or First class. Therefore, check your ticket for fare conditions and fees applicable to it. 

Get this value either to your account or in the form of a travel voucher. The voucher will remain valid for one year. 

When You Cancel an Award Ticket: Qatar Airways has the following charges when you revoke an award ticket. Further, the charges depend on the cancellation timing and membership tier. For clarity, go through the following information:

Note: The above charges can change as per airline policies. Therefore, check the latest information on the Qatar Airways website. 

How to Cancel A Qatar Airways Flight?

To cancel a flight on Qatar Airways is now at your fingertips. The airline provides several ways, which include through a website, mobile app, or customer service, to revoke a ticket. Choose any of the methods and follow the steps below:

Online through Website:

  • Go to Qatar Airways website.
  • Enter your booking number and last name to Log in and check your reservation. 
  • Scroll to “Manage my Trips” option.
  • Select a flight for cancellation
  • Proceed with the guided process further.
  • Get confirmation from the airline.

Qatar Airways Mobile App:

  • Download and open the Qatar Airways app on your device.
  • Scroll to “ My Bookings” option.
  • Choose the reservation for cancellation
  • Complete the cancellation process. 
  • Receive the confirmation from Qatar Airways agent.

Contact Qatar Airways Customer Service:

  • Dial Qatar Airways phone number at (877) 777-2827
  • Follow the IVR Instructions 
  • Take action as per your concern.
  • Soon a Qatar Airways agent will attend your call. 
  • Then, share your reservation details with an agent.
  • Request to cancel a ticket and ask about cancellation fee and the refund procedure.

Qatar Airways Refund Rules 

Qatar Airways provides full refunds for refundable and non-refundable tickets in some circumstances. Therefore, you must understand the airline rules to receive the refund:

  • Qatar Airways issues a full refund when passengers revoke a ticket in 24 hours of reservation.
  • Further, the airline does not return any amount for nonrefundable tickets except in some circumstances, such as 
  • Government regulations made it mandatory
  • Medical emergency
  • Missed flight because of airline fault
  • Similarly, Qatar Airways issues returns for a refundable ticket even after a risk-free period. 
  • Next, passengers can request a refund for a fully or partially unutilized ticket till 12 months from the travel date. 
  • The airline will give a refund for credit card payment in seven to ten days. However, it can take around 20 days for cash refunds.
  • Furthermore, contact the travel agency if you have made a booking from them. 

Different Ways to Avoid Cancellation Charges

Want to save on Qatar Airways cancellation charges? Then, follow useful tips mentioned below:

  • Buy Refundable Tickets: Prefer booking refundable tickets over nonrefundable ones if you have the least doubt about your booking. It will incur less to no fee if you cancel your reservation. 
  • Search and Book Travel Insurance: Purchasing travel insurance has huge benefits. One of them is to waive cancellation charges. Therefore, buy a suitable insurance cover and secure your journey. 
  • Cancel As Early As Possible: Cancellation timing can also affect the charges to cancel a ticket. Therefore, if you are aware of dropping a plan then cancel it as soon as possible. The airline even provides a full refund as long as you cancel a flight in 24 hours of booking. 


Giving a thought to the above Qatar airways cancellation policy helps making right decisions. Further, skip the unavoidable charges on cancelling a booking at the right time. Additionally, carefully read the fare conditions and consider taking a travel insurance cover for peace of mind during travel. 

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