TAP Air Cancellation Policy : Fees, Refunds & Process

"Comprehensive Guide to TAP Air Cancellation Policy: Fees, Refunds, and Procedures"

Tap Air Portugal is Portugal's national airline that headquarters is located in Lisbon. The airline was founded on March 14,1995 and it flies to 34 nations worldwide. The airline is also a member of the Star Alliance. Suppose you create a reservation on TAP Air, and suddenly you have to cancel your flight for personal reasons. You are curious to know about the TAP Portugal flight cancellation policy & how much it costs to pay for a cancelled flight & and how to get a refund. You can get detailed information on cancellation policy only from Skyfarez.com.

What is the TAP Air Portugal Cancellation Policy?

If you're flying with TAP Air Portugal, before going to postpone your flight, you must be familiar with the cancellation policy of TAP listed here: 

  • Passengers can cancel their trip within 24 hours of the flight reservation, whether the ticket is refundable or non-refundable.
  • TAP Air Portugal offers a 24-hour risk-free cancellation period. That means you can cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking & get a full refund, if the booking was made at least 7 days before the scheduled departure.
  • If you made the booking through a travel agent, you can contact them directly to ask for your refund. 
  • Those who create the booking using miles can request a refund by contacting the executives on their helpline numbers and obtaining all the details easily. 
  • Passengers who have non-refundable tickets & wish to cancel them before 3 hours of departure must pay the penalty charges. Try to avoid these charges, please  cancel your flight as soon as possible. 
  • You can cancel your unused portion of the flight ticket, and you will receive the money back. 
  • Sometimes, the airline cancels your flight because of various circumstances, such as bad weather, air traffic, a delayed flight, or technical problems with the airline. For TAP Portugal's canceled flights, they will provide you with another flight or a travel voucher that you can use on your other trips. 

How do I cancel a Tap Portugal flight?

There are various ways to cancel your flight, so you can cancel your flight according to your preference. For a Tap Portugal cancel ticket, you can use the methods to cancel your flight easily. Here are the ways: 

Cancel your flight through the website: You want to cancel your flight, and you are searching for the easiest way to cancel your flight through the website option and receive all details on your particulars easily. Follow the given steps to cancel the airline ticket: 

  • Open the official website of TAP Air. 
  • Click on the “Manage Booking” option. 
  • Select the cancel option. 
  • Provide your six-digit reservation number with the passenger's last name, and click the “find booking” option. 
  • You will see your booking. 
  • Kindly tap on it and click on the cancel option. 
  • Write down the valid reason for your cancellation and click the submit option. 
  • According to Tap Air Portugal's cancellation policy, you must pay the charges if you cancel your flight after 24 hours. 
  • For payment, you can use a debit card, credit card, or net banking option. 
  • After that, you will receive confirmation from the airline using your registered email ID.

Connect with the Airline Executive by Phone call.

You want to cancel your flight and have tried the manage booking option, but you cannot cancel it. In that case, you can connect with Tap Air customer service and obtain the details hassle-free. Here are the steps to connect with the representative: 

  • Go to the official website of Tap Air Portugal. 
  • Scroll down the homepage and click on the “contact option.”
  • You can look for the country and get the contact number. 
  • Use this helpline number: (+44) 345-350-0100, to connect with the airline member.
  • Listen to the IVR instructions carefully and press the command according to your query.
  • Dial 1 or 2 for language selection. 
  • Dial 3 for booking details. 
  • Dial 4 for baggage details.
  • Dial 5 for lost and found details.
  • Dial 6 for the representative.
  • Dial * or # to end the call.
  • If you wish to connect with the representative, please dial 6 and wait awhile. 
  • Connect with the airline staff, and ask them to cancel your flight. 
  • To cancel your flight, provide a few details, such as the booking number, passenger’s last name, travel dates, and the phone number of the concerned person.
  • After the flight cancellation, you will receive the confirmation on your official email id. 

 Visit the Nearest Airport.

By using the above methods, you can’t cancel your flight, in that case you can visit the nearest airport. Go to the airport's help centre and ask them to cancel your flight. There, you have to provide such details about your reservation. After that, you have to wait, and you will obtain all the information on your email ID.

What is the TAP Air Portugal Cancellation Fee? 

TAP Air Portugal’s cancellation fees vary based on several factors, including the type of ticket you purchased, the timing of your cancellation, and any special circumstances that may apply. According to TAP Portugal's 24-Hour Cancellation Policy, you can cancel your flight within 24 hours and seven days of scheduled departure, and it is free of cost. If you cancel your flight within 3 hours of the scheduled departure whether it is domestic or international, you must pay the penalty charges, which are Euro 30 for continental flights and Euro 45 for intercontinental flights. 

Here’s a detailed look at what you can expect regarding cancellation fees.

Fare Type

Within 24 Hours of Booking

After 24 Hours





High Fees


Typically non-refundable; may receive a travel voucher instead.



High Fees


Generally non-refundable; cancellation fees can be up to 100% of the ticket price.



Moderate Fees


Cancellation fees around 50-75% of the ticket price; may offer partial refunds or travel vouchers.



Lower Fees


More flexibility than lower fare classes; fees around 25-50% of the ticket price.



Low or No Fees


High flexibility; typically low or no fees, around 10-25% of the ticket price if any.

Top Executive


Low or No Fees


Maximum flexibility; low or no cancellation fees.

Special Circumstances



Case-by-Case Basis

Medical emergencies or death of a passenger/immediate family member may qualify for fee waivers with proper documentation.

How often does TAP cancel flights?

Unlike other airlines, TAP Air Portugal may occasionally need to cancel flights due to various reasons such as weather conditions, strikes, technical issues & more.The airline cancelled 2.4% of their total flights. The airline cancels their flights for various circumstances, such as: 

  • Weather Issue: TAP Portugal cancels their flights if there is heavy rain, heavy fog, storms, or other natural events.
  • Operational Issue: If there is an issue with the aircraft, such as mechanical problems, staff shortage, or logistical challenges,
  • Political or Security Reasons: If terrorists threaten the airline, there may be unrest, security threats, or other unforeseen events. 
  • Strikes: Industrial actions by airline staff or airport personnel can cause significant disruptions.

 How do you get a refund from TAP Air Portugal? 

To receive a refund from the airline, you can place the request through the official website, connect with customer service, email the airline, or visit the airport. Before requesting a refund, please go through the refund policy. Here is the detailed information about the refund process:

Call the TAP Air Portugal Executive.

To request a refund, you can connect with the representative by using this toll-free number: +44 345 350 0100. After hearing the IVR instructions carefully, connect with the executive and ask for a refund. Wait for a while, and they will provide you with the information. You will obtain your refund according to your cancellation. 

Use the official website:

To acquire a reimbursement amount from the airline, you can use the official website and receive your amount easily. To make the request, please use the given steps adequately: 

  • Go to the web page of Tap Air Portugal. 
  • Navigate your cursor and click on the “Manage Booking” option.
  • Choose the word “cancellation and refund.” 
  • Enter your booking details and passenger’s last name, and click the “find booking” option. 
  • Search for the refund option and select the booking for which you want a refund. 
  • Fill out the details and tap on the refund option. 
  • You will receive confirmation via your official email. 

Request for a refund through the email option: 

You can place the request for the reimbursement amount using the email option. To share the email with the airline, you must use the given steps carefully: 

  • Visit the official website of Tap Air Portugal. 
  • Click on the contact centre at the end of the page. 
  • Scroll down the web page to see the contact option and the email ID. 
  • Type your email at this address: [email protected]
  • Write down your request and attach your canceled ticket. 
  • Click on the send option.
  • Get a response from the airline within 24-48 hours. 

How long does a TAP refund take?

If you need to cancel your TAP Air Portugal flight and are eligible for a refund, the process can be straightforward if you follow the right steps. You acquire the details about the refund so you can read the refund policy and know when you will get your reimbursement amount back. Here are the details: 

  • According to Tapair Portugal's cancellation policy if you cancel your flight within 24 hours and seven days of the flight departure, you are eligible for a fully refunded flight ticket, whether it is refundable or non-refundable.
  • Cancellation because of unavoidable circumstances by the airline, obtained a full refund.  
  • For those who make the payments through cash or cheque receive a reimbursement amount within 20 days. For online booking, receive a refund within 8-10 days.
  • Those whose cases are complicated will receive a refund within a month. 
  • When you create the booking through Miles and require a refund, you can contact customer support and receive the refund according to your request. 

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