Qantas Airways Cancellation Policy & Refunds

Have you ever changed your plan to fly somewhere at the last minute, and had to cancel your flight just before the departure? If yes, then please understand that you are not the only one, and it has happened with everyone at some point or the other in their lifetime.

Talking specifically about revoking a Qantas flight in the last few hours of its departure, we must discuss the Qantas Cancellation Policy. It will help you with claiming a refund, as well as understanding your rights as a traveler in general.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the details of cancellation terms and conditions at Qantas.

Things to Consider Prior Cancellation at Qantas

Check for the below-mentioned pointers before you decide to revoke your Qantas plane ticket.

  • Always look for the fare rules for any cancellation charges or restrictions.
  • Consider checking if an online cancellation is available with my ticket.
  • If yes, then click on ‘Manage Booking’ and ask for a refund or Flight Credit.
  • When you are unable to cancel the reservation on the web, reach out to Qantas customer service.

Important Flight Cancellation Rules at Qantas

There exist specific fare rules to abide by when canceling a Qantas flight. Moreover, other cancellation restrictions also apply on specific flights at specific routes that you need to look into. 

Below, we are providing the most important Qantas cancellation guidelines to consider:.

  • Mistakes in Flight Bookings: The airline gives you the time till midnight on the same day of making the reservation to correct your mistakes at no cost. However, a fare difference might be incurred.
  • OTA & 3rd-party Generated Tickets: Contact the 3rd party involved in such cases to cancel a Qantas booking, in case the fare rules allow cancellation. If unable to connect with OTA, contact the local Qantas Airways office.
  • Cancellation by Qantas: If Qantas cancel flights, then visit this link to check the alternative options at hand.

Other Important Terms to Canceling a Flight with Qantas

As per the cancellation policy of Qantas, these below-provided terms and conditions must be obliged to:

  • Have a look at the Reward or Fare Type to know about the terms and conditions applicable on your flight ticket.
  • Go to ‘Manage Booking’ and check your flight information when not sure about the Fare or Reward type.
  • The cancellation of flight will apply to all travelers included in the reservation. To omit specific passengers, you need to separate them first from the reservation.
  • Omitted passengers will be put on a new flight with a separate reservation reference number.

How to Cancel a Qantas Flight Tickets?

Many ways exist for flight cancellation at Qantas, i.e. online, offline (via calling Qantas local office, and at the airport). We will discuss them one-by-one by providing you with cancellation steps under each methodology. 

Note: Please do visit for online cancellations.

Online Cancellation (on the Web)
Under Qantas cancellation online, there are two major classifications:

  • Reservations not made using Qantas Points
  • Reservation made utilizing the Qantas Points

Reservations exclusive of Qantas Points
Cancellation terms and conditions in this scenario are contingent on the fare type you bought. While canceling the reservation at, you will be shown any one, or both of the below-provided options:

  • Flight Credit
  • Refunds

Let’s discuss them both one by one.

Flight Credits for Online Cancellations

Flight credit is provided when your ticket value can be reused in part for a future itinerary. Once issued, the flight credit details get sent on your email. While redeeming a flight credit, change fee and fare difference applicable on the new flight nexeds to be paid.  

Refunds for Qantas Online Cancellations

There are certain conditions that apply on Qantas flight cancellation compensation when applied for, online. Here are the most critical ones to consider:

  • If the original fare type conditions allow for a refund, one can claim the value of their flight ticket for any unboarded flights in the form of repayment.
  • Any service or cancellation charges will get deducted from the total amount you will get as refund.
  • In case the cancellation rules of the original fare type don’t allow for a reimbursement, only the amount paid in taxes will be repaid. 

Reservations Inclusive of Qantas Points

For cancellations of bookings made with Qantas Points, it all depends on the Reward Type you utilized for making the reservation. 

A total of 3 Reward Types come into play in such conditions: 

  • Flight Rewards : When the booking is made using a Flight Reward, and the commute has not not begun yet, a Points Cancellation charge will apply, and the taxes along with Qantas Points will be reimbursed.
  • Points Plus Pay: When you paid for your Qantas flight ticket leveraging Points Plus Pay, the fare rules apply for the fare you are redeeming your points against. To find the fare conditions of your reservation, visit ‘My Account’, then go to ‘My Bookings’. Click on your booking and choose ‘Manage’ and then ‘Flights’.  
  • Flight Reward + Points Plus Pay: For reservations that are a blend of Points Plus Pay and Flight Rewards, a refund or cancellation fee may be incurred. The points in excess against the fare paid will be reimbursed as well. 

Steps to Cancel a Qantas Flight Online

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Follow the simple steps stated below to cancel Qantas flight online:

  • Go to ‘Manage Booking’ on Qantas official site after logging in.
  • Click on the Flight Details option provided under Flights on the top left of the web page.
  • Find your reservation by putting in your flight details such as reservation reference number.
  • Choose the red ‘Cancel/Voucher’ option.
  • Now, choose the option to generate a Refund or Flight Credit.

Qantas Flight Cancellation for Frequent Flyers & Business Reward Members

A Qantas Frequent Flyer or a Business Reward Member can simply log in to their account on the official website, and need to click on ‘Manage’ to revoke their reservation. It is as simple as that!

Note: When you are not able to click on the ‘Cancel’ option because of it being grayed out, try connecting with the local Qantas office for help. Service fee may be levied in such a situation. 

How to Cancel a Qantas Flight Offline?

There exist two methods to cancel a flight with Qantas offline - connecting with Qantas customer service or the airline's local office at xxxxxxx or xxxxxxx, or visiting the Qantas Kiosk at the airport. A service fee will apply when revoking a flight ticket offline. Provide the agent with your flight details and the reason for cancellation, and he will provide you with the best possible resolution.

Canceling Offline via Calling Customer Service

  • Find your Qantas airlines local office number by visiting the official website and connect with the airline’s agent.
  • After connecting with the live agent over the call, provide him with your flight details.
  • Lastly, explain the reason for cancellation.
  • The airline representative will provide you with the best possible advice on the situation.

Canceling Offline at the Airport

  • Go to the airport and visit the Qantas kiosk.
  • Explain your situation to the airline’s agent.
  • Provide him/her with the details of your flight so that he can locate the reservation.
  • The agent will either cancel on the spot, or will offer you the best possible alternative. 

Can I Cancel or Change my Classic Flight Rewards Booking?

Here are the terms and conditions applicable to cancellation of Qantas Classic Rewards Flight Bookings:

  • One can cancel his reservation until 24 hours prior to departure of the 1st segment of flight listed on the ticket. Make the modifications by visiting ‘Manage Booking’ on the Qantas website.
  • You can also cancel by contacting Qantas local office until 24 hours of the Classic Flight Reward reservation’s departure. 
  • Modifications that need the ticket to be re-generated are not allowed in the 24-hour period from flight departure time, or if the travel has already begun.
  • Connect with the local office of Qantas Airways to alter the destination of the Reward Reservation prior to departure. Service fee may be levied here. 
  • In case only 1 traveler in the itinerary wants to cancel the flight, but the remainder of travelers want to continue, speak with an airline agent at Qantas office. 

Note: All alterations in flight bookings are made at the airline’s discretion basis the Reward Seats availability in the concerned cabin. For more info on the topic, click here. 

What Happens When Qantas Cancels the Flight?

Qantas offers its passengers with one of the three alternatives in such situations - arranging for an alternate flight, providing flight credits, or issuing a refund.

Keep checking for emails, app push notifications, and SMS to get information related to flight cancellations and delays. Ensure that your contact information under the concerned booking is relevant and up-to-date, or you can update it by visiting the ‘Manage Booking’ option on the airline website. 

Here are the terms and conditions to follow when Qantas cancels your flight:

  • Qantas will offer a rebooking on the next flight, if possible, at no extra charges. This applies to ‘Classic Flight Reward Reservations’ as well.
  • Passengers can ask for a refund or Flight Credit in such scenarios. No charges will be levied against cancellation or change. 

What if I Decide to Cancel a Qantas Booking?

If you want to cancel on your end due to any reason, you are free to cancel the flight. A fee may be incurred against cancellation as per the fare terms. A request for Flight Credit or flight change (fare difference applicable) can also be made.

Qantas Airways Compensation and Refunds Policy

In case of cancellations, delays, and overbooking, the below-provided Qantas cancellation refund policy will apply. However, the reimbursement completely depends on two factors - whether the cancellation was under the airline’s control to avoid, or it was not in the airline’s control at all. 

For instance, a natural disaster is not under an airliner’s control, and so is the weather. However, technical, operational, and shortage of staff issues are under control of the airlines. 

Let’s discuss what all facilities are provided by Qantas to its passengers in cases of flight cancellations.

Delay or Cancellation within Qantas’ Control (Away from Base Airport)


Provided By

Meal Vouchers



2+ Hours





Night-Long (Updated departure scheduled within 12 hours of the original take-off time)




A$30 or equivalent value accommodation per person


A$30 or equivalent value accommodation per person reimbursement





A$200 or equivalent room booking repayment (receipts needed)

Night-Long (Updated departure scheduled over 12 hours of the original take-off time)




A$50 or equivalent value accommodation per person


A$50 or equivalent value accommodation per person reimbursement




A$200 or equivalent room booking repayment (receipts needed)

Cancellation or Delay within Qantas’ Control (at Base Airport)


Provided By

Meal Vouchers



2+ hours





Night-Long (Updated departure scheduled within or over 12 hours of the original take-off time)

Qantas or Passenger


Cab cost 


Qantas Refund Policy for Flight Cancellation: Highlights

Passengers can apply for a refund with Qantas Airways in the below stated scenarios:

  • If Qantas revokes the flight and is not able to provide for a fitting alternative.
  • If the airline delays the flight for so long that the customer has no option but to cancel.
  • When Qantas makes any bold change in flight schedule and is not able to rebook on a flight suitable to you.
  • When the airline makes you miss a connecting flight for which you had a fixed reservation. 
  • In case Qantas is not allowing you to board when you hold a confirmed booking. 

Qantas Airways Policy for Claiming Refunds

There exist certain rules and guidelines that needed to be complied by when claiming a refund with Qantas. We are enlisting the major ones. Please do have a considerate look.

  • If you qualify for a repayment with Qantas, the amount will be equivalent to the ticket price paid if no part of the fare is utilized. 
  • When the ticket value has been used partially, the reimbursement will be equivalent to the difference in the ticket price paid and the price payable if the entire travel itinerary had been traveled normally. 
  • Connect with a live agent if assistance is needed for Refund Claims at Qantas, at xxxxxxx.

How to Claim a Flight Cancellation Refund at Qantas?

Follow the below process to apply for a reimbursement for flight cancellation with Qantas.

  • Go to the official site of the airline and log in to your account.
  • Click on the Manage Booking section.
  • Next, enter Booking Reference Number and your Surname to locate the flight.
  • Click on Continue and then Cancellation button.
  • After canceling, if it’s a refundable ticket, fill the Refund Form and submit.
  • The passenger will be informed of the cancellation on their email or phone. 
  • Now, wait for the reimbursement to process to your original payment method.

Qualifying for a Full Refund with Qantas

A full refund can only be processed if you cancel your flight ticket within 24 hours of making the reservation, provided it’s a refundable fare. Speak with a Qantas agent to get further clarity on the topic. Crossing the 24-hour window makes you pay a flight cancellation charge in most of the cases.

Different Fare Types & Related Cancellation Rules 

Revoking a Qantas flight ticket depends on the fare type and the cabin class you are flying. It further decides whether you will get a reimbursement or not. Let’s discuss each fare class in brief.

  • Economy: It is the cheapest fare class on Qantas. The refund policy might vary for Economy fare type. When a passenger crosses the 24-hour risk free time span, a fee of USD 99 may apply as cancellation amount. 
  • Premium Economy: A fee between USD 100 and USD 200 may apply as flight cancellation charges post elapsing the 24-hour window. 
  • First & Business Class: After you get past the 24-hour span, a cancellation cost between USD 300 & USD 800 may apply, depending on the route and the origin of flight.  

Note: Read the fare rules before booking a Qantas flight to be in a good position when an immediate cancellation is needed. 

Qantas 24 Hours Cancellation Policy

Under Qantas 24-Hour Cancellation Policy, a passenger can revoke his flight ticket at no cost within 24 hours of making the reservation. However, the booking should have been generated 7 days prior to flight takeoff.

Cancellations for Refundable and Non-Refundable Tickets

You are requested to check your Qantas fare policies to confirm whether your ticket is refundable or not. Read the fare conditions on the flight confirmation email sent to you by Qantas. 

If it’s a non-refundable ticket, no repayment will be made by the airline. However, if your original fare type falls under refundable tickets, you will either get a full, or a partial reimbursement for your ticket value. 

Qantas Airways Flight Cancellation Fee

When you cancel your Qantas flight post 24-hour window, a cancellation charge may apply, depending on the fare conditions of the ticket you bought. Generally speaking, a cancellation charge between $100 and $500 applies post the risk-free 24 hours time period. A Qantas cancellation fee of $100 - $400 is levied if you cancel within 24 hours of flight take-off time. 

Note: Please check the Qantas official website for exact flight cancellation charges, or speak to a Qantas customer service representative.

Concluding Thoughts

In the blog, we covered almost all of the scenarios wherein you can choose to cancel a flight with Qantas. A detailed overview of the Qantas Cancellation Policy has been shared to make you take an informed decision the next time you cancel a Qantas flight. We hope that you find the given information relevant and useful. However, airlines’ policies keep changing from time to time. Hence, it’s only wise to check the website of the airlines as well.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, it may be possible in case you cancel in the risk-free window of 24 hours of making the reservation with Qantas.

Yes. Qantas has a 24-hour flight cancellation rule wherein you can cancel for free within 24 hours of making the booking.

By revoking the Qantas reservation within 24 hours of booking creation, you can avoid the cancellation charges.