Sun Country Airlines Cancellation & Refund Policy

Sun Country Cancellation Policy- Fee and 24-Hour Refund Rules

Do you want to cancel your flight ticket for Sun Country Airlines? But, whether you will get a refund or not must be coming into your mind. Then, you must know about Sun Country cancellation policy in advance. Sun Country kept the policy simple to help passengers easily deal with the cancellation circumstances. The airline also gives flexibility to avoid cancellation fees in some particular situations. 

Therefore, it is important to know the right timing for ticket cancellation and get the amount back. Sun Country provides you a full refund when you meet its criterias. So, if you want to learn about the Sun Country rules, fee and refund policy for flight cancellation, check out the article below.  

Does Sun Country Have a 24-hour Cancellation Policy?

Yes. According to the 24-hour cancellation policy, when you cancel Sun Country flight in twenty hours of ticket reservation, the airline offers a full refund. However, there are a few other things that you need to consider are following: 

  • Seven days should be there in the scheduled flight departure.
  • You have booked the ticket directly from Sun Country Airlines website or through its representative.
  • The 24-hour rule is applicable only on regular fares.
  • Passengers can not take its benefits when they have booked the following: 
  • Sun Country Vacation Packages
  • Group ticket
  • Land products or activities.
  • The airline only gives you flight credit for refund when less than 60 days are remaining for departure. So, if you have booked regular published fares with Sun Country and need cancellation, then take advantage of 24-hour rule. 

Sun Country Airlines Cancellation Policy : Terms & Conditions

Before you cancel your tickets on Sun Country Airlines, you need to check important terms and conditions below:

  • Sun Country allows you to cancel a ticket for free when you complete it in 24-hour of ticket booking and 7 days prior to flight departure. The 24-hour rule applies to all fare types.
  • The airline allows you to cancel your ticket free of charge till 60 days left for departure. However, if you cancel it after 24 hour window, the airline will refund the amount in travel credit.
  • Sun Country Airlines does not provide the refund for seat selection, baggage or other travel service added to the flight booking. But, you can change or cancel them by paying a fee. 
  • If a passenger cancels their ticket after departure, the airline keeps the entire amount. 
  • Similarly, the airline charges a cancellation fee for cancelling flight plus hotel package 4 hours before departure. But when you cancel it within 4 days before departure, the airline forfeit the hotel amount. 
  • Again, Sun Country charges a fee when you cancel a flight plus car vacation packages till 2 days before departure. But, you will not get any amount when you cancel a ticket within 2 hours before departure. 
  • If Sun Country cancels your flight, then it will accommodate you on another flight or compensate for it. 
  • Further, if you cancel a flight because of a significant flight delay, the airline will provide compensation as per its policies. 

Note: To learn more, visit the Sun Country website and get the latest updates on Sun Country policies.

How do I cancel Sun Country Flight Booking?

Sun Country allows you to cancel a flight with only reservations online and offline. But, it is possible only when you booked it through the Sun Country website or Sun Country reservations or via Expedia. If you fulfill the above conditions then check out the information below.

First Method: By Visiting Website

  • Go to Sun Country website
  • Scroll to “My Trips” section. 
  • Enter the “Reservation Code. Get it from your email. 
  • Further, tap on “ Manage my Trips” section. 
  • Choose a flight that needs cancellation.
  • Click on “Cancel the flight.” 
  • Lastly, the airline will share the cancellation details on your registered email ID. 

Second Method: Contact a Live Representative

Still want to cancel a flight ticket? Contact Sun Country Reservations at 651-905-2737. Be ready to pay a cancellation fee, if applicable. 

Third Method: Helpdesk at Airport

If you have dropped your plan to travel and need cancellation, then contact Sun Country helpdesk at the airport. 

  • Request the agent to cancel your ticket.
  • The agent will ask for a reason for cancellation. 
  • After you produce a satisfactory reason, the agent will initiate the refund by deducting a fee. 
  • You will further get an email from the airline. 

How Much is the Cancellation Fee on Sun Country Airlines? 

Sun Country Airlines does not demand any fee for revoking a flight ticket 60 days before flight. But, after that, you should pay Sun Country cancellation fee that changes with the point of cancellation. Accordingly, different scenarios develop, which are following.

  • For cancellation 60 days prior to departure, you do not need to pay any fee.
  • If you cancel between 14 days to 59 days before flight, then you have to pay 49$
  • However, if you cancel within 14 days before departure, then cancellation charges will be 99$.
  • Sun Country has revised the cancellation rate since last year. Check out the table below for more clarity.

Days Left in Flight Departure 

Cancellation Fee ($)


Before September 25, 2023

Cancellation Fee ($)



Cancellation 60 days prior to flight 

0 $


0 $


Between 14 and 59 days 

39 $ 


49 $ 


Less than 14 days 

79 $

99 $

Note: Sun Country Airlines can change the above rates as and when required. Therefore, checking with the airline is necessary before you cancel a flight.  
You can skip the above fee if you have purchased a fee waiver.

What If Sun Country Cancels a Flight?

The rules of cancelled flight come into force when the airline cancels your ticket. According to that, you will get rebooking on the next available flight without paying any cost. 

The airline gives you flexibility to ask for compensation when the offer does not match your requirements. Sun Country will provide the refund in cash or in the form of flight credits that has a validity of 1 year. Remember that you can use this credit only for booking the flight ticket. 

Are Sun Country Flights Refundable?

Yes. Sun Country provides in some circumstances. Therefore, meet refund policy in order to get the refund on your cancelled ticket. 

  • Sun Country Airlines provides you a full refund when you revoke a flight within 24-hour of flight reservation. But, also check that 7 days should be there for flight departure. 
  • However, if you cancel your ticket after the 24-hour window but 60 days before the flight, Sun Country offers you a full refund in flight credit. 
  • When less than 60 days remain, airlines still provide the refund in flight credit but after deducting a cancellation charge.
  • Also, if the airline cancels your ticket, you get the full refund or future credit for value of your ticket. 
  • Refunds can take up to 7 days to reflect in your account when payment is made by credit card.
  • However, the time can increase to 20 days for cash or cheque payments. 

Still, have doubts regarding refund rules on Sun Country? Contact the airline agent and get an answer quickly. 

How Do I Get a Refund from Sun Country Airlines?

Sun Country Airlines gives you two ways to get a refund: request it either through the airline website or by calling a representative. 

  • Visit Sun Country website
  • Go to “ My Trips” section.
  • Enter login information like booking confirmation number and last name
  • Scroll to “ Manage my Bookings” tab.
  • Select a flight for a refund
  • Click on “ Apply for Refund” button.
  • Finally, tap on “Submit” button. 
  • Later, the airline will check your eligibility and accordingly initiate the refund process.

Method 2: Call a Live Agent

You can also call an agent at xxx-xxxx-xxx or 651-905-2737 and request a refund. Share your cancellation details with the agent. Further, the person will help you through the refund process. Allow some time for the airline to issue the refund. 

What is the Phone Number for Sun Country Cancellation?

Sun Country provides the flight cancellation on the phone. Therefore contact the Sun Country agent at 651-905-2737 and follow the IVR process. 

  • Press the key as per your concern. 
  • An airline agent will take your call. 
  • Ask any query or request for any help. 
  • The agent will help you with your query. 


The above information on  Sun Country cancellation policy is a great help when you need to cancel your ticket. You no longer need to stress over the cancellation process when there is a sudden change in plans. The airline kept it simple for you.  You can easily cancel your ticket by visiting the airline website. If you are unable to do so, contact the Sun Country representative for help. 

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Sun Country rebook you on another available flight when it cancels your flight without asking for additional payment.

You can cancel a reservation online on Sun Country when you booked it through Sun Country website or mobile application or Expedia.

As per stats Sun Country hardly cancels a flight. Still you can take the percentage 1 to 2 %.

Yes. Sun Country offers the full refund when you cancel a ticket in 24-hour of ticket booking.

Sun Country charges a fee between 0 and 99$ when you depending on the point of cancellation.