How do I Choose my Seat on Emirates?

When it comes to air travel, Emirates Airlines has always been the right choice for the passengers who are seeking comfort/outstanding services/ and luxury. Emirates seat selection policy allows you to select your seat according to your preferences. You can confirm your favourite seat at the time of reservation. 

Ensure that Emirates offers top-class amenities in the Economy cabin. We will discuss everything that you must know about seat selection on Emirates Airlines, such as process/ policy/ fee/ seat types/ and more. Move ahead and learn further information. 

Emirates Airlines Seat Selection Policy

If you wish to select your seat on Emirates, you must learn the terms & conditions of the seat selection policy. It allows you to book your desired seat without facing any trouble. Take a closer look at the following points: 

  • Travelers can choose their favourite seats with ease through the simple steps from the available seat options. 
  • You can choose the seat of your choice/ such as the extra legroom/ aisle seat/ window seat, etc. 
  • Similarly, you can enjoy the benefit of flying to your favorite seat with Emirates legroom. 
  • Moreover, you can change or select your seat through the Manage My Booking tab if required. 
  • This process can also be done at the time of check-in or via the Emirates mobile app. 
  • The seat selection process is free only when you are holding Economy Flex Plus fare/ Economy Flex/ Business Class Fare/ Business Class fare/ First Class fare/ or Economy Class fare. 
  • Besides, the seat selection cost may differ for selecting seats on Emirates as it depends on the type of the class, or First Class fare. 
  • On the other hand, the seat selection process is free when you go for the procedure up to 48 hours before the flight departure. It is possible when you have a Flex seat or Flex Plus seat booking. 

Various Types of seats offered by Emirates

Passengers with Emirates Airlines have the liberty to select a seat as per their requirements under the Emirates seat selection policy. The airline will automatically assign you a seat for free during check-in up to two days before the departure. Check out the seat options offered by Emirates to the passengers:

Regular Seats: You can call these seats Standard Seats, which are placed in the Economy cabin to offer more comfort to the passengers. 

Twin Seats: These seats are placed under the rows that provide the window and aisle seats. Most of the passengers love to sit on these seats.  

Preferred Seats: All these seats are placed at the front of the plane. Passengers with Prefered seats can deboard the flight first quickly.

Additional Legroom: The seats are placed in the exit row seats as it offers the additional space to the passengers. 

Other Seats: Passengers can also reserve the lower and upper deck seats irrespective of the state seating options. 

Economy Flex: This cabin offers the regular seats under the Emirates Airlines seat selection policy. However, passengers cannot get the complimentary drink options. 

Economy Flex Plus: Passengers with these cabins can enjoy the preferred seats. It also offers the seat arrangements with privacy and the seat selection in front of an A380 aircraft. 

Economy Special: With this, passengers can book up to two sets to enjoy comfort and more privacy. Additionally, a complimentary meal is also available on these seats. 

Economy Saver: You can enjoy additional legroom space with Economy Saver as per the rules for selecting seats in the Emirates. Also, you will get a seat in the exit row on the plane. 

Premium Economy: It is the most expensive seat option which comes under the Economy Class. Passengers will find a leg rest with a cushion and can adjust a headrest as per their comfort. 

Business/First Class: It is also the most expensive seat option that offers the luxury seats with an ideal space. You can also enjoy the reclined seats, complimentary beverages, various cuisine options etc.        

How to select a seat on an Emirates flight? 

You can select your seat online through the official website during or after booking the flights on Emirates Airlines. Follow the given below steps: 

  • Visit the Emirates Airlines official website. 
  • Log in to your account. 
  • Select a flight and complete the reservation process.
  • Also, fill out the required passenger details.
  • Locate the Emirates seat map and click on it. 
  • Select your desired seat based on your travel requirements.
  • Finally, confirm the reservation with Emirates by making the payment. 

Seat Selection Online After Booking 

  • Head to the official website of Emirates Airlines. 
  • Log in to your account. 
  • Go to the Manage My Booking tab. 
  • Enter your ticket details to access reservation details. 
  • Click on Edit and Select the seat. 
  • Complete the payment and confirm the booking. 

Seat Selection Offline 

Travelers can also select their desired seat offline by connecting with Emirates seat selection customer service. 

  • You must dial a toll-free number at xxx-xxx-xxx and speak to a live person.
  • Request the agent to book your desired seat on the plane.
  • Share your seat preference. 
  • Similarly, you need to provide the required flight details to the agent
  • Then, the agents will check the seat map and check the seat availability. 
  • Once your seat is confirmed, you will get a confirmation email or text from the airline along with your new seat details.

How much does seat selection cost in Emirates?

Emirates Airlines assign the seats to the passengers automatically at the time of check-in for free. So, you do not need to pay the seat selection cost. This facility is applicable only for passengers who are travelling with infants, who have medical issues, or passengers with disabilities. 

Similarly, you must pay a fee if you wish to change your assigned seat or flight. The seat selection charges differ as per the seat category, as mentioned in the table below:

Type Of Seat


Regular Seat 

$15 to $35

Prefered Seat

$25 to $80

Seats With Extra Legroom

$55 to $205

Twin Seat 

$35 to $135

Premium Seat 

$110 to $495

How to select a seat on Emirates for free? 

It is free to select seats in First class when you travel on a Business Class Saver, Flex Plus, or Flex fare and when you fly in the Premium Economy. Passengers can choose a complimentary seat when the check-in starts 48 hours before take-off time in case you're flying on a Business Special fare. 

Similarly, passengers who wait for the last moment can also request a suitable seat at the time of check-in at no additional cost. The airline will not charge you if Emirates assigns you a seat within 24 hours. Passengers with business class and First-rate tickets can pick up their seats for free. 


By reading the detailed information above, you get clarity about the Emirates seat selection policy, process, types of the seats, and the fee. You can now easily select your desired seat on a flight. To get the additional information, speak to the experts directly or visit the official website of the airline.