Volaris Seat Selection: How to Choose the Best Seats

Did you need to pay for seat selection with Volaris the last time you hopped on a Volaris flight? If yes, then after reading this article, you will most likely not be paying for seat picking ever.

Actually, you don’t have to, if you mindfully apply certain strategies for choosing Volaris seats. Let’s go ahead and discuss a few useful ones that will save you a ton of money throughout lifetime flight travel.

Volaris Seat Selection Policy: Important Highlights

Take a look at some of the vital terms and conditions to seat selection at Volaris, so as to pick the best seats on the Volaris plane. The policy highlights will help you to strategically pick your preferred seats on Volaris flights so as to ensure the maximum comfort during your Volaris plane journey.

  • Seat selection at Volaris is at the airline’s discretion. Travelers who choose first, get assigned the best seats on the plane.
  • A random seat gets assigned to those who skip the seat choosing procedure at the time of booking.  
  • To choose the best seats on a Volaris plane, you need to pay the seat selection charges.
  • If you don’t choose at the time of booking or during check-in, there are chances that you and your companion will not get seats side-by-side. 
  • 4 seating classes exist on Volaris - Standard, First-Off, More Space, and Premium.
  • One can choose their seats while making a booking or post reservation at the time of check-in.
  • First and Business Class seating doesn’t exist on Volaris Airlines. 
  • Under Business Combo and More Speed Combo, one can select a seat for free at Volaris, but you need to pay to buy the said service (Combos).
  • To choose your preferred seat on Volaris, go to the Manage Booking option on the airline’s official site after logging in.
  • Charges for seat picking with Volaris depends on travel routes, seating class, and travel destination. 

Different Methods of Choosing Seats with Volaris

A variety of methods exist to grab the seats of your liking at Volaris. These comprise online, offline, and at the airport. It solely depends on your preference, what method you choose for locking the seat of your choice. 

Online Method 1: Via Official Website

  • Visit the airline's official site.
  • Go to the ‘Managed Booking’ option after logging in.
  • Put your ticket booking number & your last name.
  • Hit on ‘Search’, and your booking details will open on your device’s screen.
  • Now, click on Seat Selection.
  • You will be shown the Volaris Seat Map consisting of all seats available.
  • Choose the seat of your liking.
  • Pay for it, and you’re all set.

You will receive a confirmation mail from Volaris after successful seat confirmation.

Online Method 2: Leveraging MORE SPEED COMBO 

What is More Speed Combo and what Benefits it Offers?
More Speed is an Add-On Combo by Volaris Airlines that offer a plethora of benefits to the traveler such as:

  • Business fast pass for Costa Rica & US airports
  • Free and easy seat picking
  • Preferential boarding

A passenger needs to pay between $14.99 and $16.99 while making the reservation to buy it, or $15 to purchase at the airport. 

Note: This Combo is only available for purchase during the flight reservation process, and not afterwards, at any stage.

Here are the terms and conditions to using More Speed Combo for picking the best volaris seats: 

  • The Combo cannot be utilized to book Emergency seats and seats in the First Row.
  • Adding the Combo costs $15 while booking at the airport and between 14.99 & 16.99 US dollars while making an online reservation.
  • It is a great add-on for someone seeking multiple amenities at a low price.
  • Priority boarding is assigned to More Speed Combo holders. 

Online Method 3: Through ‘My Trips’ Section on Site

Another great option to choosing volaris plane seats is via the My Trips section on the official website. Let us explain the procedure step-by-step.

  • Visit Volaris Airlines official site.
  • Log in to your Volaris account.
  • Click on the My Trips section.
  • Put in your last name and reservation number.
  • Click on ‘Go to My Trips’ option near the bottom of the webpage.
  • Your booking details will reflect on the screen.
  • Next, you can select your preferred seats.
  • Pay the fee and complete the volaris reservation.

Selecting Seats Offline

One can pick his seat offline via calling the customer service team of the airline. Choose the applicable IVR option post dialing the service number and share your seat preferences with the agent to lock your preferred seating. But note that you will need to pay the service charges when choosing Volaris plane seats offline. 

Seat Selection at the Airport

If you decide to make changes to your seating or book a different seat, or choose a seat for the very first time at the airport after checking-in, you can do so by reaching out to an airline representative at the Volaris counter. 

Seating Types on Volaris Airlines

A total of 4 types of seats exist on Volaris flights, namely Standard, First-Off, More Space, and Premium. Each Volaris seating class has its own luxuries and advantages. We will discuss them one by one. 

Image Credits: cms.volaris.com

Volaris Premium Seating

Volaris Premium seats are the most luxurious on Volaris planes. Travelers in this seating class can enjoy the unique perks such as extra legroom and added carry-on luggage. The other benefits comprise first exit on landing, preferential boarding. 

Besides, the meals get served to you first before anyone else, especially because of the location of your seating on the airplane. In totality, it’s like traveling king-size!

More Space or Exit Row Seating

Located behind the premium seats are the More Space seats. The name says it all, they have got more seating space in general compared to other seat types on a Volaris plane. But you can only occupy these seats when you are physically fit to operate the emergency exit doors, if need be. 

If you have a height equal to, or above 6 feet, these seats will serve you the best, as you will have a greater leg space and extra room to relax, that too, at a lesser price than Premium Seating.  

First-Off or Priority Exit Seats

On the Volaris seat map, these seats can be found in Rows 2, 3, 4, and 5. You get standard leg space and no more extra leg room. They are located just behind the exit row seats, hence offer the benefit of disembarking the flight first. Further, First-Off seats are pretty cheap, compared to the two seating classes above.

Standard Seating or Basic Economy

Standard seats are located at the back of the plane. Usually, you don’t need to pay any charges for Volaris seat selection on Basic Economy seats. Hence, if you are a budget traveler, it could be the best choice for you!

Seat Assignment on Volaris Flights: The Methodologies

You must have been thinking - How does the seat selection on Volaris Airlines work? Well, we are here to answer the same. Actually, seat picking happens at different stages of flight booking at Volaris. A total of 5 stages exist where seat booking can take place:

  • When booking the reservation
  • In 24-hour of making the reservation at no extra cost
  • Post 24-hour of flight booking with an additional charge
  • Prior to check-in 
  • Post check-in at a higher seat picking price

The above-mentioned steps can be executed online as well as offline. Just login on the Volaris mobile app or on the official website, and choose a seat of your preference. Besides, you can connect with a live agent over the call at xxxxxxxxx to lock your preferred seating. Also, at the airport, you can visit the Volaris kiosk to request seat selection.

Seat Selection at the Time of Booking

The first and foremost stage of flight booking at Volaris is during making a reservation itself. Here is a step-by-step process for the same.

  • Visit the official website of the airlines.
  • Go to the ‘Book a Flight’ section and click on it.
  • Put in the necessary information like travel dates, destination etc. to find a relevant flight.
  • Choose a flight that best fits your travel itinerary.
  • Add booking details like passenger name, contact, email, etc. to proceed with the reservation.
  • Now, a Volaris seat map will appear before you. Pick a seat of your choice on it and proceed.
  • The seats available on the plane will show in a different color than the ones already reserved.
  • Select your preferred seat, pay for seat selection on Volaris, and you are done.

Post completing the above process, you will receive a seat confirmation email on your registered mail ID, along with the seat numbers.

Choosing a Seat Post Making the Reservation 

Sometimes, passengers miss choosing their seat while making a flight reservation. No need to worry anymore! You can do it post making a booking too. Log into your account on Volaris’ official site, and pick, cancel, or change a seat as per your liking. In case, you do not have an account on Volaris, simply put in your booking details under the ‘Search Flights’ section. Find your itinerary and make the necessary changes.

Seat Selection via Volaris Mobile App

Now, one can add or unselect their seats effortlessly leveraging the Volaris smartphone application. It’s an easy procedure, and we are explaining it step by step below:

  • Open the Volaris official mobile app.
  • Sign in to your Volaris account or one can avoid logging in.
  • Put in your flight details to find your booking.
  • Choose your specific flight and select ‘More Options’.
  • Now, find the ‘Make Seat Selection’ button on your screen.
  • Choose the seat of your preferences and pay the related charges.

Connect with an airline’s agent if you are unable to do it by yourself. Or, opt to walk to the Volaris kiosk at the airport to pick your preferred Volaris seats.

Changing Your Seat Post Check-In

Many travelers request for a change in seat assignment post Volaris airlines check in after reaching the airport. The airliner does allow you to do so if there are seats vacant on the flight and available for selection at this stage. Do it online on the official site or mobile app, or you can choose to ask an airline agent to do it on your behalf by visiting the Volaris ticket counter. 

However, note that you will be required to pay a service charge when taking help from an airline representative at the airport. Additionally, fare difference and seat change fee will be incurred. Furthermore, last-minute seat modifications on Volaris will prove to be more expensive compared to making changes at an earlier stage of flight booking.

Please note that you might be denied seat picking at the airport after check-ins, if no seatings are available on the flight to choose from. 

Volaris Seat Selection Fee: Online, Via Calling, & at the Airport

The airline charges different amounts for different classes of seats. Besides, it also depends, at what stage you are picking the Volaris plane seats. Here is the chart showcasing seat preference fee at each stage of flight booking. At the same time, the chart is reflecting the cost of Volaris seats at a Pre-Flight stage and at the airport.

Seating Type

Charges Pre-Flight & During Booking

Fee At the Airport

Back Seatings (2nd Back Section)

Online: USD 9.99 - USD 12.99


Through Agent: USD 13

USD 15

Regular Seats (1st Back Section)

Online: USD 10.99 - USD 13.99


Through airline agent: USD 13

USD 15

Front Seats (6th to the last row)

Online: USD 13.99 - USD 15.99


Through airline agent: USD 13

USD 15 

Extra Space Seatings (Emergency Exit)

USD 19.99 - USD 22.99

USD 30

Quick Seatings (Rows 2-5)

USD 17.99 - USD 20.99

USD 30

First Row Seats

USD 24.99 - USD 27.99

USD 30

What are the Dimensions of Volaris Plane Seats?

Herein, we are showcasing the seat dimensions for Volaris Economy Class on different airplane models like Airbus A320, A319, A320 Neo, and A321. On higher seating classes, the seats are a bit wider and there is extra legroom, alongside additional amenities provided with each class of seating. 

Airplane Model

Seat Pitch and Width

Airbus A319

30-32” & 18”

Airbus A320

30-32” & 18”

Airbus A320 Neo

28-30” & 18”

Airbus A321 

30-32” & 18”

How Can I Choose Seats for Free on Volaris Airlines?

The common rule of thumb to avoid paying charges for seat pickings is choosing at the earliest possible, that is, selecting a seat as soon as the online check-in opens on the airliner’s website. Generally, Volaris check-in opens between 72 hours and 1 hour prior to domestic flight departure, and 24 hours to 1 hour before an international flight takes off. 

However, there is no guarantee of free seat selection during online check-ins, but the probability of the same increases manifolds when you select your seats early. Although, you may need to pay for seats in high demand.

Bottom Line

A lot many ways exist for Volaris seat selection, but what seats you get totally depends on what stage you select the seat, which seating class it is, and which seating you want. If it’s a seat in high demand, there are good chances that you will have to pay for it, unless you have a certain elite status with the airline. 

Although, it’s always best to choose your preferred seats as early as possible when the online check-in opens at Volaris. That way, you will have the most choices to select seating of your choice. Hope you got the knowledge you have been looking for. Happy journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which seating type is considered the best on Volaris flights?

Volaris Premium Seats offer the most luxury on the metrics of amenities, leg room, seat space, etc., and are known to be the best seats on Volaris planes. They are found in exit rows and between rows 1 and 4.

Does Volaris make families sit together?

When traveling with friends and family, ensure choosing seats next to each other while making a seat selection on the Volaris Seat Map. You can easily see the location of your seats on the Map, and can choose seats accordingly so as to keep close with your family. 

How to get a seat assignment together with Volaris without paying a fee?

Book your group’s seats next to each other at the time of check-in as soon as it opens. It will make the likelihood of booking seats together the highest, as you will have the widest choice of seat selection for your group at the very beginning of Volaris online check-ins.  

What if I don’t select a seat at the time of booking or post check-ins?

If you skip selecting seats on a Volaris flight, you will get assigned a random seat by the airline’s booking system. And hence, there will be no guarantee of you and your companion getting seats adjacent to each other. 

How can I skip the fee against seat picking on Volaris?

Simply don’t select any seat while making a reservation on Volaris, and the airline will assign a random seat for free to you.

Are Premium Seats on Volaris bigger?

Yes, they offer extra space and additional legroom. Further, premium seats recline to a much greater extent compared to regular seatings. 

What is Volaris customer service number for seat selection?

Call at xxxxxxxx or +1 855 VOLARIS (8652747) to connect with a live person for picking a seat of your choice.