What Happens If I Skip Seat Selection?

What happens If you don't reserve seats on a plane? Boarding a flight & sitting on your favourite seat can be your first concern for a happy journey. Many airlines provide you with a random seat even if you skip the seat selection process. However, whether it will fulfil your expectations or not has a question mark. 

A dream journey always starts with a comfortable seat. Therefore, choosing it in advance is always a great idea. You get the option to choose a preferred seat and enjoy features like extra leg space, in-flight entertainment etc. However, the only benefit you get with a random seat is cost saving. Therefore, you should know everything about the airline policy you choose. 

What happens when you don't pay for a seat in Advance ?

The airline will give you a random seat when you do not pay for a seat in advance. Under this, you may need to sit on a seat that you may not desire. For example, the middle seat at the back of the airlines. Also, the airline can stop your from boarding the flight when the flight is overbooked

Therefore, pick a seat in advance to ensure comfort during the journey. Most airlines allow you to select a seat while booking, after reservation or during check-in. But choosing as early as possible will help you get your desired seat. 

What Airlines offer free Seat Selection?

Consider booking flight tickets through the following airlines for free seat selection:

  • Southwest Airlines: Southwest Airlines does not provide the option to choose a seat. But, it boards the passengers depending on their check in time. Therefore, the airline does not charge for a seat. 
  • Qatar Airways: Qatar Airways offers free seat selection during booking when you buy an Economy fare. It gives you freedom to sit next to your loved ones. 
  • British Airways: British Airways provides free of cost seat selection to its passengers. But, they can only do so when check in has started. 
  • Japan Airlines: Japan Airlines provides the passengers free seat selection while booking a Economy fare ticket. 

How do I Pick My seat after Booking a Flight?

You can easily pick a seat after reserving a flight ticket by visiting the particular airline website. Simply follow the below steps to get a desired seat.

Online Method : Step 1 by using official site

  • Go to the airline website
  • Enter the login details such as PNR number and booking confirmation code
  • Look for “Manage Booking” section.
  • Choose the flight for which you need to pick a seat.
  • A seat map will open.
  • Select the desired seat.
  • Make the payment if any.
  • The airline will send you the updated ticket details in your email. 

Online Method : Step 2 Another way to add a seat to your booking is by calling airlines representative. 

  • Dial airline travel agent toll free phone number to connect with live agents.
  • Follow the IVR process
  • Press the appropriate key as per the IVR commands
  • Then, an agent will attend your call
  • Request him to add a seat to your booking. 
  • The agent will explain to you the available options in seats. 
  • Select a seat and make the payment if applicable. 
  • Finally, the airline shares an updated e-ticket by email.

How Far in Advance Can I Pick Seats on a Flight?

Airlines give you many points to select your seat in advance. Accordingly, you can pick a seat during ticket reservation, after booking or during check-in. But the question is how long in advance can you pick your seat? The answer is 24 hours before flight departure.  Online check-in window open up  24 hours before a flight departs which is a last chance to get a preferred seat. So, you must not lose the opportunity and