Sun Country Airlines Missed Flight Policy: Claim Your Reimburse

Are you in a situation where you missed a flight & now wondering what measure to take next? Do not worry! In this unfortunate situation, Sun Country Airlines missed flight policy works wonders for passengers or frequent flyers. As we know Sun Country airlines is a renowned air carrier that offers world-class services to its passengers. So, pulling its customers out of this situation is one of the best things Sun country does. 

Now, you must have questions like what happens if you miss your flight in the sun country and how to claim a refund from the airlines. Wait, we have all the answers in this blog. All you need to do is skim through each point and find the solution to your failure to board the flight.

Sun Country Missed Flight Rules & Regulations

In case a passenger fails to take the flight, the airlines provide necessary measures to execute for early assistance. One of the first things a traveler must do is to inform the airline about its flight miss. 

Further, here is the list of the Sun Country missed flight rules from its policy that a flier must follow in such a situation:

  • A passenger can request another flight on the same day, if any. Assuming no flight is available for the same day to the same destination, the traveler can request another flight on any preferred day.
  • The flier must be there within 24 hours of the scheduled departure to request a new flight.
  • A traveler cannot call off a Sun Country flight after missing it.
  • Passenger can get compensation from the airline if a flight has missed due to a security checking delay for almost three hours. 
  • The flier must have a valid reason for missing out on catching the flight, such as natural calamities, traffic, personal emergencies, etc.
  • The airlines will offer a refund or travel credit only if Sun Country Airlines missed flight due to its own negligence. It will be given depending on the factors like travel destination, ticket type, number of passengers, timings, etc.
  • In the case of non-refundable tickets, the airlines will not be responsible for the missing flight as it is beyond the policy guidelines.
  • A passenger can ask for a standby flight to reach their destination.

What Happens If You Miss Your Flight on Sun Country Airlines?

When travelers are unaware of the airline's policy regarding missing flights, they panic and lose the chance to rebook the next available reservation. Therefore, we have mentioned all the steps you must take for a missed flight. 

Here are the things you must do when you fail to catch the scheduled flight for any reason:

  • As soon as you miss your flight, contact the airport authority. Talk to the customer service department and take them through your problem. 
  • A passenger must inform the airline about not getting aboard. The traveler must notify the airport about the dismissal or no-show for the flight. Otherwise, he will not get any compensation or a new flight.
  • When a customer booked a flight through a third-party agent, he must contact them. Sun Country Airlines cannot help in such a situation.
  • Sun country charges a fee for rebooking or rescheduling your flight. Cost will depend on the ticket type, terms & conditions, and other necessary factors.
  • A traveler is not eligible for a refund or compensation under the No Show Policy. 

In case you are wondering what happens if you miss your flight to Sun Country due to staff fault or technical error. Then, you will get a compensation of $700. 

How to Rebook a Sun Country Missed Flight?

Sun Country Airlines provides a rebooking option when a passenger accidentally misses a flight. There are three methods of rebooking a missed flight depending on the comfort of a traveler. You can choose any method to rebook your ticket with Sun Country.

Here is the list of all three ways with steps to follow:

Method 1: Make a Call to Rebook the Flight

  • Dial sun country customer service toll free number 651-905-2737 to rebook missed flight.
  • Listen to the automated voice instructions carefully.
  • Follow the steps as asked by the voice to speak to the airline representative.
  • Tell the details of how you missed your flight.
  • Ask to rebook your reservation.
  • Give the necessary details including travel class, destination, full name, and new travel date.
  • Make the payment for a new reservation through different methods available.
  • After receiving the verification email, review all the details and take a print of it.

Method 2: Make a Rebook Request at the Airport

  • Go to the ticket counter and provide them with the details of your missed flight.
  • Ask the agent to rebook a new flight.
  • Provide the necessary information related to your new flight. 
  • The agent will ask you to provide any documents if further required.
  • After submitting all the information and paperwork, the agent will start the process of rebooking.
  • Once it gets done, you will get your new flight. 
  • Then, you can board the fresh plane and resume your trip.

Method 3: Make a Rebook Request with a Mobile App

  • Download the sun country mobile app on your phone.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Tap on the My reservation section.
  • Select the missed flight.
  • Follow the instructions to rebook a new flight.
  • Enter the personal information of your flight.
  • Make the payment for the fresh reservation.
  • Obtain a new reservation via email.

That is how a passenger can rebook a Sun Country Airlines missed flight in just a few minutes with the help of the above mentioned methods.

Stopping Point

Flight missing is not a big issue if you know all the measures regarding the same. That is why we have attempted to let you skim through Sun Country’s policies and guidelines for missing flights. We understand how troubled a flier can be in such a situation. But do not worry. Sun Country never lets its passengers face any trouble in their journey. Hence, the missed flight policy is everything a traveler should consider in the case of any difficulty. It has all the solutions that are necessary to cater to such situations. 


Q1. What to do If I Miss my Sun Country Flight?

To Get details of Missed Flight Policy, Call the sun country customer service number to ask for a refund or rebook a new flight.

Q2. Can I get a Refund If I Miss my Flight?

Yes ! You will get a refund from the airlines only when you inform airlines about this situation. You must tell the valid reason, such as natural calamity, medical issue, airport negligence, etc.

Q3. How Much Does it Cost to Rebook a Flight?

The rebooking cost depends on the destination and ticket type of the passenger. In a few cases, you can do it for free with genuine reasons, like death in the family or sickness. 

Q4. How to Contact Sun Country Airlines Customer Service?

Passengers can contact Sun Country customer service over a call at 651-905-2737 to inform airlines for missing flights or to claim for a refund.