How to Book a Frontier Airlines Group Travel Tickets?

Traveling in a group is not just fun, but is fulfilling at the same time. The joy of being in the company of your loved ones makes it special in more ways than one could ever imagine.

In case you are planning to fly Frontier, this blog is for you! 

Moving ahead, we will discuss Frontier group travel in detail. The topics of discussion comprise - how to book a group itinerary with Frontier Airlines, what are the related terms and conditions, and making a group reservation by contacting an airline’s representative.

What is Frontier Airlines Group Booking & Who Qualifies for it

At present, Frontier allows you to reserve a group itinerary of up to 9 travelers. If your group consists of people in excess of 9, Frontier wants you to make multiple bookings of 9 travelers each. 

How Do I Book a Fly Frontier Group Travel?

There are two ways to book a group journey with Frontier Airlines. Choose any one as per your preference and liking. 

Via Official Website

To make a group booking online with Frontier, visit its official website, and enter the necessary group trip details such as Origin, Dates of Travel, and Destination on the Home Page to search for the relevant flights. 

Later, follow the below-provided step-by-step guide to booking a group expedition with

  • Go to the airline’s official website.
  • Select the option requesting a group trip by filling in a Frontier Group Request Form.
  • Provide the necessary details in the Frontier group booking form.
  • Post filling-in the details, send it to Frontier Airlines for approval.
  • Once approved by the airline, get done with the payment.
  • Pay by choosing any of the two ways - ‘Pay Individually’ or ‘Pay the Full Amount’.
  • Under ‘Pay Individually’, each traveler in the group pays his own share, while the ‘Pay Full Amount’ option makes the group leader pay for the entire group fare.
  • You will receive a confirmation email once the booking is confirmed by the airline.

Via Phone

Simply make a call to the Frontier group travel customer service number at xxxxxxxx, and make your group trip’s requirements known to them. The airline’s agent will ask for a few necessary details that you will need to share with him/her. 

Eventually, your group booking will be confirmed by the agent, and the itinerary details will be sent to your registered email address. 

Note: If you want to customize your group trip by asking for a few special travel needs or amenities, do make the airline’s team aware of it. If possible, Frontier’s group booking team will arrange for your special needs, thereby offering a personalized group travel experience. 

Some Good-to-Know Info on Frontier Airlines Group Rates

Here is some useful information pertaining to group travel pricing at Frontier Airlines. Please pay some attention. 

  • Each traveler gets the same ticket price when flying in a group.
  • Tickets under group booking will be charged as per the ‘Standard Fare’.
  • One free name change is permissible on Frontier Airlines group travel booking. Post that, a name change fee will apply.
  • Only non-stop and direct flights can be reserved under the group booking.

Benefits of Booking Group Trips with Frontier Airlines

There exist numerous advantages to booking a group flight with Frontier. A few of them comprise:

  • Customized bookings with maximum scope for personalization.
  • Standard airfare is charged against each traveler.
  • By making a deposit against the group booking, you can reserve your group seats 60 days prior to flight departure.
  • Permissible name modifications. 
  • Discounted fares compared to separate and individual bookings.

Frontier Airlines Handling Fee for Optional Changes in OTA Bookings

  • The reservation handling fee applies to any optional changes made via calling or chatting with a Frontier representative, on flight bookings generated by travel agents, or OTAs.
  • The handling charges do not come into play if it’s a case of same-day confirmed flight modification. 

What is Family Pooling with Frontier Airlines?

It is a method of booking a group trip with Frontier Airlines wherein up to 8 travelers can share their Miles to book an award flight. 

How Family Pooling Works?

Simply make a group of 8 people that are ready to share their accumulated Miles, and whom you consider ‘Family’. Pool your Miles together to earn an award flight with ease, thereby mitigating your ticket expenses as a group. 

Highlights of Family Pooling with Frontier Airlines

  • Group of up to 8 people makes for a Family Pool.
  • The members of the ‘Family’ can be anyone - acquaintances, roommates, or friends.
  • The Family Pool’s Head is the one who keeps all the Miles of the group under his name on the itinerary.
  • The Head can only redeem the Miles to earn award flights. 
  • Redeem your Miles as a group with no limitations of minimum or maximum Miles redeemable.

How to Take Benefit of Family Pooling: 3 Simple Steps

Utilizing ‘Family Pooling’ is simple with Frontier Airlines. Follow the below 3 easy steps: 

A Frontier Miles passenger forms a family pool, and nominates himself as the ‘Head’.
The Head invites up to 8 more passengers as family members who are ready to share Frontier Miles in their account. 
If the pool collectively has the number of Miles needed to buy an Award Flight. Bingo! The job is done. 

To Conclude…

The easiest way of booking a group trip is by calling the Frontier group travel phone number and discussing your group reservation requirements with the airline’s representative. However, online method do exist, in which you need to fill the Frontier Airlines group booking request form, and send it to the airliner for approval.

The choice is completely yours, what method you choose to book your Frontier group itinerary. We wish you a happy and fulfilling journey. 


How do I book a Frontier group trip?

Lock a group flight booking by filling in the Frontier group travel form available on the airline’s official website Or simply make a call to Frontier Airlines customer service team and share your group journey requirements. 

Does Frontier Airlines offer 24x7 chat assistance?

Yes. Frontier extends 24x7 live chat assistance to its travelers so as to solve their queries pertaining to multiple aspects of flight booking. 

How do I talk to a Frontier Airlines representative to book a group trip?

Frontier Airlines, currently, does not offer group trips, but it does allow you to travel in a group consisting of up to 9 members. To speak to a live Frontier Airlines agent, dial 801-401-9000.

How to get discounted fares for group travel with Frontier Airlines?

Currently, Frontier Airlines is not offering group trips (10 or more people under the same itinerary), but you can make groups of up to 9 people to get discounted fares, or low-cost tickets with Frontier.

Another great way of saving on Frontier flight tickets is signing up for the Frequent Flyer program to earn Frontier Miles & Status.