Frontier Airlines Seat Selection: Choose Your Perfect Seat

While boarding a flight with Frontier Airlines, choosing a seat can make a difference to your journey. Frontier Airlines provides different seating options that fits the requirement and budget of every passenger. Whether it is extra legroom, easy restroom access or just a comfortable seat, you can have it all. Therefore, we will understand everything about Frontier Airlines seat selection in the detailed guide below. Choose the perfect seat for your next travel experience. 

A Guide to Frontier Airlines Seating Options

Frontier Airlines provides different types of seats that come with their own features and pros. Therefore, knowing those options in advance will help you make the right decision while picking a seat. 

Standard Seating

Standard seats are the best option when you look for an economical seating option. These seats can provide you a basic comfort level and ideal choice for short and medium haul flights.


  • Basic leg space (28 to31 inches)
  • Standard recline seat 
  • Located throughout the aircraft

Preferred Seating

Passengers looking for more comfort can choose from preferred seats. With this, they can choose to sit close to the front of the plane, which allows them more convenience and ease of journey. Enjoy the following features with a preferred seat:


  • Priority during boarding 
  • More recline than standard seat.
  • Commonly located in the first few rows of the plane.
  • Choice between Aisle or Window seat

Premium Seating 

Sit comfortably with your leg stretched with Premium seating on Frontier Airlines. Get the below features with these seats:


  • Extra leg space(36 to 38 inches)
  • Wider seat 
  • Priority boarding 
  • More reclinable seat 
  • Located at the best place on the plane

UpFront Plus

Pick UpFront Plus seat to experience the luxury with these Frontier Airlines first class seats. Book your place at the front of the plane and enjoy added benefits like wide, comfortable and extra legroom seats.  


  • Sit in front two rows of the plane(Window or Aisle)
  • Empty middle seat to provide elbow room 
  • Extra legroom
  • Wider seat 
  • Priority exit 

How to Select a Seat on Frontier Airlines?

Frontier Airlines offers multi ways to select seat options to enhance your travel experience. Facing problem in how to choose and book your preferred seat, the costs involved, and tips for ensuring the best spot on your flight. Discover all you need to know about selecting seat to make your journey more comfortable. You can complete seat selection while booking, during online check-in, or at the airport. check out the below information:

During Booking

  • Visit Frontier Website: Go to Frontier Airlines website to start the ticket booking process.
  • Pick a Flight: Once you enter the departure, destination, or other travel details a number of flight options will appear on your screen. Pick a desired option from them. 
  • Select a Desired Seat: The Frontier Airlines seat map will show on the screen to help you see the exact position of the seats. Pick a seat of your choice and make payment if any applicable. 

During Online Check-In

Frontier Airlines online check in window starts at  24 hours prior to flight. You can still choose a seat from the available ones if you have not picked it yet. 

Airport Check-In

Frontier Airlines gives you the last chance to select a seat during check-in at the airport. However, you may not get the seat of your choice because of the limited option available.  

Contact Frontier Airlines reservations at 801-401-9000 if nothing works for you. The airline representative will help you get a seat as per your requirement. 

How much does Frontier Airlines charge for seat selection?

Frontier Airlines cost of selecting a seat varies by route and seat type, from $17 to $55 each way for standard economy seats & $36 for Stretch Seating. However, choosing a Preferred, Premium, or UpFront Plus requires a fee. The fee can change depending on the flight route, booking time, and seat position. It is important to consider this fee in your budget. 

Seat Type


Fee (Approximate)

Standard Seat

Basic seat selection, typically located in the middle of the aircraft.

$6 - $25

Stretch Seat

Extra legroom seats, usually at the front of the cabin or exit rows.

$20 - $65

Select Seat

Preferred location seats, such as window or aisle seats in the front half of the cabin.

$12 - $55

Premium Seat

Seats with additional legroom and more comfort, typically in the front rows.

$30 - $75

Exit Row Seat

Seats located at the emergency exit rows with extra legroom.

$15 - $60

Premium Seat or Preferred Seat

The fee comes between $16 and $56 per flight duration and seat location on the plane.

UpFront Select Seat Fees:

Fee starts from $49 per person per flight. Therefore, you can choose or upgrade to this option for more convenience or comfort. 

Extra Tips for Choosing Seats on Frontier Airlines

Book a Seat Early : The earlier you decide to book a seat, the better your chance to get your favourite seat. You get a wide range of options such as extra legroom seats, front rows seat, UpFront Plus seats etc.You may lose a seat because of limited availability.

Upgrade to Better Seat : If comfort is your main concern, then upgrade to premium seating. The extra leg space and more recline can make a big difference, particularly on long-haul flights. 

Search Seat Maps and Reviews : Check out informative seat maps and reviews from other travelers. It will help you choose a seat that has the right recline, access to restroom or other features.

Traveling with Companions : Always choose seats together when you travel with family or friends. It ensures that all the members in a group sit together. Frontier Airlines allows you to reserve multiple seats at once. 

Important Factors When Choosing a Seat on Frontier Airlines

  • Traveling with Children : Traveling with children can have the benefit of family seating arrangements.Frontier Airlines make sure that children below 14 years of age should sit with their family or an adult family member. Frontier does not charge a fee for that. 
  • Passengers with Disabilities : Frontier Airlines offers special attention to disabled passengers. Therefore, you can call the airline agent to make the right arrangements at the airport. The airline provides priority boarding and deboarding to such passengers. 
  • Group Travel : Frontier Airlines provides group seating arrangements for all the members in a group ticket. Therefore, you can book the arrangement while purchasing a flight ticket online or by contacting Frontier group travel customer service. 


In conclusion, Choosing a seat in advance makes your journey more comfortable. Frontier Airlines offers flexible seat selection options to enhance your travel comfort. Whether you are looking for an affordable standard seat or for a paid premium seat. Plan ahead and make the most of Frontier's seat selection to ensure a pleasant and comfortable journey. If still facing some issue then Call Frontier airlines representative to get instant help.

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FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions)

The cost to pick a seat on Frontier Airlines differs with flight route and seat type. Accordingly, the seat selection fee costs between $16 and $56.

Frontier Airlines will provide a random seat if you do not choose it in advance.

Yes. You can easily add it at the time of online check-in or Airport check-in. Go to "Manage Booking" on the website and complete the process.

Yes. Frontier Airlines does charge for a booster seat depending on its location or airline policies.

You can easily add it by visiting "Manage My Trips" section on the website. Further, go to "Pick a Seat" or "Add Baggage" options.

You can skip Frontier seat selection fee by earning an Elite status, buying a higher class ticket, or by letting the airline offer you a random seat.