Does British Airways offer a student discount?

British Airways wants you to celebrate student life. As a result of that, British Airways is making travel less stressful for the student. Being a young buddy, expensive flight tickets are a major concern for students. Therefore, British Airways student discount is there to help them and bring them one step closer to their dream course. 

Further, British Airways is a leading airline that provides special student fares to travel internationally without financial burden. Additionally, the airline may require the student to fulfill some conditions to avail the discount. If you are also looking for a flight as a student, know everything you need to know in advance. 

Does British Airways Give Student Discounts?

Yes. British Airways has a student discount program that supports students in completing their education abroad. Under this program, students need to fulfill some requirements to enjoy the reduced fares.

Do you know what those requirements are? If not! Check out the points below:

Enrolled with Recognized Institution: The student should have enrollment with the recognized institution as a full time student. The institution consists of universities, schools and colleges. 

Age Proof: Students should be between 18 and 26 that may differ on certain routes. Therefore, the airline can ask for proof for age. 

Evidence for Enrollment: British Airways can ask to submit documents for enrollment. The document includes an enrollment certificate, student ID, and any other document issued by the particular institution. 

Purpose of Travel: Students can only use the British Airways discount code only on travel for education purposes such as joining an exchange program or a university. 

How to Get Student Discounts on British Airways?

Availing lower fares on British Airways becomes easy for students when they follow the process below:

  • Go to Official Website: Want to get student benefits on British Airways? Then, visit the airline website and enroll for British Airways student program first. Further, look for “ Student Special Offers” section. 
  • Provide Login Details: Enter log in details like student name and other requested details. 
  • Enter Student Information: Further, enter the requested information that includes student enrollment status, age information etc. 
  • Explore Different Flight: On clicking “ Search Flight” different options on which student coupon applies will appear. Moreover, the airline will automatically apply the student coupon on the flight price so you do not need to look for a discount code. 
  • Complete the Booking: Pick a flight that resonates with your budget and proceed with the booking process. Once you are done with the payment, the airline will notify you. 

Want to know more about Student fares on British Airways? Contact its dedicated team at 1 (800) 247-9297 and ask for any available special deals. 

How Much Discount Does British Airways Offer to Students?

Searching for British Airways student discounts is like a treasure hunt. But do you know that British Airways does not have a concessional fare offer on its website? However, you may avail the lower fares from the airline partners such as Student Beans or StudentUniverse. 

Register yourself on these websites and get a discount up to 25 Euros on flights and hotels starting at 500 Euros. 

Not only this, but students can also reserve special fares by KILROY Travel. However, they need an authorized International Student Identity Card with them. Know more about what benefits you will get with those fares. 

  • No age restrictions
  • Return ticket will be good for 1 year after the departure date.
  • Freedom to make changes to travel dates and flight routes.
  • Flexibility to add stopovers till reaching the final destination.

Does British Airways Give Extra Baggage for Students?

No. British Airways does not provide free extra baggage allowance for students. However, they can pay the discounted rates for additional baggage. Beside that, fare or cabin class and Executive Club Tier status can affect the baggage allowance. 

Therefore, must carry your international student identification card while travelling on special student fare. Failing to do so can interrupt the journey, as an airline agent can stop you from traveling further.

Can International and Domestic Students Get the Same British Airways Discount?

No. Domestic students usually do not get similar British Airways student discount as international ones. Do you know why this difference? British Airways focuses on supporting students who drop overseas education because of expensive flight tickets. 

However, you can still connect with British Airways customer service for any special offer for students who want to fly domestically. 

How to Save More on British Airways Ticket?

British Airways tickets are a way to maximize savings for students. They can further increase it by considering the below pointers:

  • Try to book your ticket as soon as possible.
  • Plan your travel in off-peak season as you may get reduced fares on those times.
  • Choose connecting flights for budget-friendly fares. Non-stop flights can cost more. 
  • Stay updated on British Airways offers. 


Expensive flight tickets are no longer a reason for students looking to complete their study abroad. With British Airways student discount, they can grab exclusive discounts on base fares.The airline may not provide these discounts on its website currently, but students can get them by registering on partner websites. So, are you ready to fulfill your dream to study overseas?

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

It is a special program on British Airways that offers reduced fares to students. Further, it helps them study abroad along with saving money on flight tickets.

Join the Executive Club Become a member of British Airways Executive Club and earn Avios points to save on flight tickets. Also, get access to exclusive flight deals and offers.

No. British Airways does not allow merging any offer with student deals. But, you can earn Avios points on reduced fares.

Students aged between 18 and 26 enrolled with authorized institutions can benefit from student BA student fares.