How to Get Student Discount on Air France tickets?

Are you a student dreaming of traveling the world but due to the tight budget you are feeling distant? Or wondering if there are ways that can make your travel dream a reality? Though If these queries come to your mind, you will have to learn about the Air France student discount program. This program is intended to help students travel on a budget. Yet, this guide will cover precisely what this discount involves, and how you might take advantage of it. Let’s find out! 

How does Student Discount Promo code work on Air France? 

Air France knows the financial challenges that students may face especially when it comes to studying abroad. To help the students Air France offers a unique code. But what is the specificity of this offer? 

  • The student discount is an exceptional fare that allows students to save money on international flights.
  • This code can be applied to various routes including baggage.
  • Allows travelers to carry extra luggage without worrying about pay. 

Who is Eligible for the Student Discounts on Air France? 

Are you thinking about whether you will qualify for the Air France student promo code or not? However, the eligibility criteria are very simple. 

  • The program is accessible to students who are 18 to 29 years old. 
  • Students must provide valid proof, such as a student ID or university admission letter.
  • Students who have an eligible flight ticket for up to 21 days. 

Passengers who do not meet the above requirement may incur additional charges. 

Note:  Air France Student fares are only available in economy class for long-haul flights based on seat availability. 

How Can I Book an Air France Student Discount Tickets?

Booking a student flight with a discount code is a very simple process. But you might be wondering how Air France student offer work, and how to get started with the process. However, to book a discounted flight, follow the details mentioned below: 

  • Visit the Air France website 
  • Go to the discount/offers section
  • Find the student discount option.
  • After that, You will see the flight booking option
  • Tap to select, enter your booking details, and search for flight
  • During the booking process, you will be asked to provide the student's status.
  • Provide the student ID or any other official university document
  • ‘At the payment time, apply the student discount code

At last, tap to submit. Once all is done, the airline will send you a confirmation on your provided email address.

Can the Air France Student Fares Enhance Study Abroad Experience?

Yes. Going for education frequently implies something more than just attending classes; it's about exploring a new nation, figuring out various cultures, and acquiring groundbreaking experiences. With the student booking offers you can afford to travel frequently and explore the surrounding places for your study destinations.

Whether it's weekend excursions to local cities or flights home during the occasion, the discount allows you to balance your academic and travel goals without monetary strain.

Are There Any Restrictions to be Aware Of?

Like most airlines, the Air France student discount on flight has specific limitations. 

  • The discount is accessible on chosen routes and during particular periods. 
  • Change and flight cancellations are not allowed without incurring a fee
  • This offer cannot be combined with other promotional codes.
  • Changes in the name on the ticket are not allowed. 

Understanding these limitations will assist you with taking full advantage of your student markdown and keeping away from any unforeseen circumstances. 

What are the Special Advantages Of Student Discounts on Air France?

Air France offers a special discount code to students who are planning to travel to another city to study or have a proper student status. Thus, if you are a student you can avail all the advantages that are mentioned below: 

  • Students can enjoy up to 15 to 20% discount on Airfare. 
  • Extra baggage allowance to those students traveling with books, and other important necessities. 
  • 2 Free checked bags (23 kg/50.7 lbs) allowed with student rates. 
  • Students can get special offers, such as an upgrade to a premium cabin and vacation packages. 
  • Depending on the flight fares, students can get frequent flyer miles and loyalty points. 
  • Air France provides a dedicated team that can help the passenger while booking a flight.

Does Air France Student Discount Tickets are Changeable?

Air France understands that the plan may change at any time. It may be that your plan has changed due to an emergency, personal reasons, or other unavoidable circumstances. So, whatever the reason is, all the Air France tickets are chargeable. 

Whether you booked a student flight, vacation package, or group booking you can change your flight ticket at any time. Further, you can make a refund request, if you do not want to travel anymore. 

Note: A cancellation fee (EUR 250) may apply If you choose not to travel. And, the promotional fares are excluded from the refund conditions. 

Bottom Line 

All above mentioned,  the Air France student discount is worth exploring for your travel needs. This program provides discounted fares, additional baggage, and adaptable booking options. Thus, by taking advantage of this discount, you can make your educational and personal travel experience more affordable. 
So, if you are a student, start planning your next trip now, and enjoy the best offers provided by Air France. And if you require further help,  reach out to us at ( As we have a dedicated team that works 24/7 to help the customers. 

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions)

You will require an official student ID or a university admission letter from the educational institution.

The student discount is basically accessible for international flights. Take a look at the Air France site for specific router eligibility.

Saving depends upon the route and travel dates, yet students can expect huge discounts as compared to regular fares.

There is no particular cutoff, however the Air France student discount code applies as long as you meet the eligibility rules for each booking.

Indeed, changes might be subject to expenses and fare differences. Thus, review the fare rules while making the reservation.