How to Select seat on Alaska Airlines?

Is choosing a comfortable seat for your upcoming trip a concern for you ? Alaska Airlines, looking at your comfort allows you to pick from its wide collection of seats. Using Alaska Airlines seat selection policy, you can choose a seat in advance at the time of booking.

If you're flying with Alaska Airlines’' you can use Alaska Airlines interactive seat map on the website to choose from the open seats.The seat chart shows which seat you can occupy along with its fee.Therefore, before picking a seat, you must go through the Alaska Airlines fee for the chosen seat. 

So, if you want to learn more about the policy, how to select a seat, fee of fares to choose a seat that will help you make the best choice for your journey. Stay and continue with us !

Can you Pick Your Seats on Alaska Airlines?

Yes, Alaska Airlines allows passengers to select their seat according to your preference. Therefore, you can easily pick your seat using the Alaska Airlines seat map during reservations. Even if you forget to choose your seat during post booking, you can still choose your seat after booking. You just need to visit the “ Manage booking” section on the airlines website.

So, you can complete your Alaska Airlines seat selection process anytime before check in. Further, sitting on your desired seat gives you utmost comfort on the journey. 

Note: You have an excellent chance to get a specific seat when you book it during booking. The number of seat options reduces depending on at what stage you book your seat, such as During post booking, After booking, online check-in or  & at the airport check in. Find the table below:

Process Stage


During Booking

Select seats using the seat map during the online booking process

After Booking

Use the Manage Reservations section on the Alaska Airlines website or app


Assign seats during check-in if not selected in advance

Alaska Airlines Seat Selection Policy 

You can comfortably select a seat only by considering the seat selection policy of Alaska Airlines:

  • Alaska Airlines allows you to select a seat for free during booking. 
  • However, you need to pay a fee when you purchase a saver fare, even when you have elite status membership. 
  • However, when your ticket type is 
  • Further, you can book a seat after the flight and at check-in, depending on availability.
  • Similarly, the airline may not allow select exit row seats to passengers who can not support security.
  • The airline holds some seats for Alaska or Oneworld elite status members. 

How to Select the Best Seat on Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines gives you many chances to select a seat. So, you are free to select your seat on Alaska Airlines during booking, after booking, or at check-in.Therefore, use the below method. 

First: During Flight Reservations :

You can follow the below steps to get the desired seat right during the air ticket reservation.

  • Visit Alaska Airlines website

  • Further, choose the departure and arrival airport.

  • Then, select a travel date

  • Next, check for trip type

  • Provide other travel details and 

  • Click on “flight search” option

  • Similarly, select a flight that you may like

  • Check for the seat map. 

  • Provide passengers with details and check out the available seats and prices. 

  • Lastly, make the payment, if applicable

  • And receive the confirmation for your booking.

Further, you can call Alaska Airlines customer service(1-800-252-7522)  if you need help regarding picking up your seat. 

Second: After Flight Reservations

If you forget to choose your seat during the initial booking, don't worry. You can still select your seat by visiting the Manage Booking section on the Alaska Airlines website or app.

  • Visit Alasks airlines offlicial website
  • Provide the login details like booking code and passenger last name
  • Further, choose from different bookings.
  • Scroll to the “ Select a Seat” option.
  • Look for the available options on the seat chart.
  • Further, choose your preferred seat.
  • Finally, make the payment if required. 
  • The airline will forward the new booking details to your registered email ID. 

Note: You can also use Alaska Airlines seat selection app to smoothly select and book a seat. However, you need to follow a similar process as above on downloading the mobile app. 

Third: During Alaska Airlines Check-in 

You can still try your luck for a better seat during online check-in 24 hours before the flight. 

  • On visiting the airline website, tap on check-in
  • Further, enter the login details.
  • Go to the seat selection button
  • Pick a seat from the leftover options 
  • Finally, proceed with the payment and 
  • You are done with check-in process

What if I Forget to Select my Seat in Alaska? 

Planning to fly with Alaska Airlines and forget to choose your seat before the flight departure? Then leave all your worries. If you forget to select your seat on an Alaska flight, the airline will still give you a seat for free. The airline will provide you with a random seat. 

However, you should choose your seat in advance when you have a specific need, as a random seat by an airline may not match your taste. 

Does Alaska Airlines Charge A Seat Selection Fee? 

Yes. Alaska Airlines does charge a fee. However, it may differ from the 

  • Fare class,
  • Seat type
  • Elite status or One World Alliance membership

So, to determine the Alaska Airlines seat selection fee, you need to keep the following factors in mind:

Seat Type


Typical Cost Range

Standard Seats

Included in the base fare

No additional cost

Preferred Seats

Extra legroom, located in the front and exit rows

$10 - $30

Premium Class Seats

Extra legroom, complimentary snacks and drinks

$15 - $75

First Class Seats

Maximum comfort, priority boarding, premium service

Variable (route and availability)

Saver Fare Class: Alaska Airlines does not provide free seat selection even with the elite status when you buy a Saver class fare. So, the only way to get your desired seat is to pay for it. 

Passengers with Elite Status: With Alaska/ one world elite membership and a fare class other than Saver fare, you can pick a seat for free 

  • From the available seats in the main cabin or
  • Preferred rows are open to the elite or one world alliance member. 
  • You can also upgrade to a premium class seat fee without any additional fee. 
  • However, airlines charge a seat selection cost when they buy a main class fare and are looking to switch to premium class. 
  • Besides this, whether you will get a seat of your choice is subject to availability. 

Non-Elite Passengers: Alaska allows you to book a seat for free or for a fee to Non-Elite passengers, depending on their cabin. You can use this option when you purchase a fare class apart from the Saver class.


  • Preferred Seats: Typically have an additional fee ranging from $10 to $30, depending on the route.
  • Premium Class Seats: Fees generally range from $15 to $75, based on flight duration and demand.

Does Alaska Airlines Assign Seats Together?

Alaska Airlines does its best to give your family all the comfort of the journey. One of them is to sit together. Therefore, the airline realises that you are travelling as a family, and then it automatically assigns you a seat together. 

Especially when you travel with a 13 or below-age child, the airline makes sure at least one adult sits next to him. Even when you have Saver fares, the above rules apply to you. However, you need to fulfil some Alaska airlines seat selection conditions:

  • The child and adult are flying on the same booking
  • Further, the adult selected a seat for the complete booking or avoided the seat selection. 
  • Also, it does not make any modifications to the seat allotment.
  • Similarly, your child will get a seat in a similar class as booked at the time of the plane ticket. 
  • Further, the flights must have a seat structure to accommodate the adjacent seating of all children.
  • You have not changed to a smaller flight compared to the original one.  

In Nutshell

In Conclusion, you can use the Alaska Airlines seat selection process to get your desired seat. No matter which Alaska flight you choose, the airline always offers you a comfortable seat and another service. Even if you skipped the Alaska Airlines seat selection process, you will get an automatically assigned seat from the airline. It is always good to book the seat during booking as you get ample options.

If you still have a query regarding selecting seat on Alaska. For more information on seat selection policy and to check specific seat costs for your flight, visit the official Alaska Airlines website you may contact.

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