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About Bermuda

Looking for Bermuda all inclusive vacation packages? There are lot of websites offering such Bermuda vacations all inclusive packages suit your taste, age, moment and wallet. Bermuda is an unusual island vacation destination. Bermuda is not considered a part of the Caribbean, since the islands of Bermuda are in the Atlantic Ocean, about 700 miles off North Carolina's coast. It location close to North America makes it an ideal getaway for those who seek an island holiday on the beach in summer. But there is a lot more to Bermuda than just beaches and sun.

SkyFarez takes lots of visitors to quaint cobblestone streets, historic buildings and the picturesque King's Square. Visitors on Bermuda family vacation can visit St. George, St. Catherine fort and St. David's Lighthouse during the day. In the evening, in King's Square there is a Market Night where they can watch cultural shows including performances by Bermuda's Gombey dancers. Visitors can also buy local arts and crafts at various stalls in the square and taste the local fare from the food vendors.

Bermuda all inclusive vacation packages also includes the quite number of attractions and places to enjoy. Among Bermuda's beaches, Horseshoe Bay Beach is the most well-known. Elbow Beach and Warwick Long Bay Beach are favorites among snorkelers. Shipwrecks in the reefs surrounding the islands attract scuba divers to see the huge variety of corals, fish and other marine fauna and flora. Hog Bay Beach and Somerset Long Bay are more secluded beaches for those who seek privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions Bermuda Vacations

Where do I find Cheap Bermuda vacations deal?

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What is the best time for Bermuda family vacation?

The travellers reach to Bermuda on different seasons. The best season for Bermuda is May and June.

What are the major vacation spots in Bermuda?

Consisting of 180 islands, of which, only the eight largest are linked by bridges and a causeway, Bermuda is divided into 9 Parishes with 2 main Municipalities - Hamilton, the Capitol, and St George is a World Heritage Site.

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