How to Plan Group Travel with United Airlines?

Planning group travel can be a daunting task, but with United Airlines, your journey becomes a breeze. Expensive flight tickets may be stopping you from flying high with your family, friends, or colleagues. United Airlines group travel provides you special group rates when you book tickets for ten or more passengers, making your travel plans more affordable and manageable.

However, the minimum passenger limit can differ depending on the type of group you book. For sports teams, the minimum limit of passengers is six or above. You can book a holiday when flying to similar destinations on the same itinerary with your family, friends, sports teams, and business associates. To avail of these group rates, you must fulfill the necessary terms and conditions. This blog will guide you through reserving group flight tickets on United Airlines, ensuring your most awaited group holiday is just a few steps away.

How to Reserve Tickets for a Group of People on United Airlines?

You can easily book United Airlines group travel for a group of people through both online and offline methods. Choose the one that suits your convenience.

Online Method: Fill United Group Travel Form

  • Visit the United's official website.
  • Search for a group travel option.
  • Click on the option to open the United Airlines group travel request form.
  • Enter all the passenger details in the form.
  • Mention the price you want and the passengers' requirements.
  • Finally, click on "submit".

Offline Method: Contact United Customer Service

  • Contact United Airlines customer service at 1 (800) 864-8331.
  • Follow the IVR commands and choose prompts accordingly.
  • Request a United Airlines representative for group travel booking.
  • The representative will provide you with the available price quotation.
  • Make the payment if you like the option.

How do I Contact United Airlines for Group Reservations?

To contact United Airlines for group booking, call 844-904-0187 or email [email protected]. The airline's dedicated team is available to assist you between Monday and Friday (9 AM to 7 PM EST).

For Sports Team Travel:

  • Traveling Inside the U.S: Call United Airlines at 800-426-1122 between Monday and Friday.
  • Traveling Outside the U.S: Contact the nearest booking office.

How does United Airlines Group Travel Work?

United Airlines provides group booking in two ways: Groups and Sports & Teams. Here’s how they differ:


This includes group tickets for friends, family, or colleagues. For this category, you need a minimum of 10 passengers. Key points to consider:

  • Minimum of ten persons in the group.
  • All passengers must be flying to the same destination.
  • United Airlines offers flexibility to make changes in your name, depending on the ticket type policy.
  • Dedicated customer support for group booking passengers.
  • Discounted airfare for your group.
  • Flexible payment options for various international destinations, allowing partial payment while booking and the remainder later before the flight.

Sports Teams:

You can book United Airlines group travel for sports teams with a minimum of six people, all traveling on the same flight for sports purposes.

United Airlines Group Travel

Terms and Conditions to Keep in Mind before booking Group Tickets

  • Submit passenger names within 24 hours of reservation (excluding Saturdays and Sundays).
  • No change fee for modifications within 24 hours of reservation, though fare differences may apply.
  • Free name change for each passenger one day before the flight. A fee of $100 applies for changes made on the flight day.
  • Same base fare for each passenger in your group.

Note: The above six-passenger limit is applicable only on United-operated flights for travel:

  • Within the United States,
  • To and from Puerto Rico,
  • To and from Canada.

Advantages of United Airlines Group Reservations

Let us together look at the benefits that United Airlines offers to group travelers:

  1. Group Rates- United Airlines provides group rates instead of charging individually for every person in the group. United Airlines offers group rates for group bookings. 
  2. Group Discounts- The passengers can get up to 70% discount on their group rates. The airlines make group bookings more affordable for large groups. Discount rates can vary depending on the travel dates, destination, group size, etc.
  3. Seating Arrangements- United Airlines group travel has one of the most significant benefits, where passengers can sit together during the journey. United promotes coordinated seating arrangements to ensure your group sits together and enjoys the journey. 
  4. Customized In-flight Service- Another benefit is the tailored in-flight services that United provides to its group passengers to meet their unique needs. From special meal requests to group-specific arrangements, United Airlines caters to the diverse needs of different groups.
  5. Priority Check-in- With the elite status, the group travelers get early check-in at United Airlines. Even the United credit card holders get priority boarding during the check-in. You must have an elite status with United Airlines to enjoy the priority check-in.
  6. Group Travel Specialists- Passengers get dedicated group travel specialists who assist travelers with all the queries related to the booking process. 

How Many People do you Need to Get a Group Discount on United?

To get the group discount on United Airlines, you must have at least ten people traveling with you. All the passengers must be flying to a similar destination on a common itinerary. The minimum people limit can change when you travel as a sports team. Therefore, it is essential to check the ticket terms properly when booking your group ticket.

Affordable Travel Packages with United Vacations

Under United Vacations, United provides low-cost air tickets and options to book hotels and other essential travel necessities. Choose from over 200,000 resorts in over 400 destinations, including:

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Additionally, United Airlines offers United MileagePlus Miles for future flights.

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Planning group travel with United Airlines has become incredibly easy. With the details provided all above, you're ready to organize your group's trip smoothly. Head over to the United Airlines website to discover exciting group booking options for your upcoming vacation. If you face any challenges, don't hesitate to reach out to an agent for assistance.

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions)

It is easy to book a group reservation with United Airlines. There are two methods of group booking. First, a passenger can request a group quote by filling out a form online. Second, a traveler can call the United Airlines phone number to get it done over the phone.

Yes, United Airlines provide group discounts for passengers traveling with 10 or more people. Discounts can be in the form of promotional codes, vacation flight credits, and other perks.

United Airlines customer service is very effective and convenient. You can contact United Airlines at 844-904-0187 for any query regarding group travel. The team remains available from Monday to Friday between 09:00 am and 07:00 pm EST.

There should be 10 or more people in a group for a group booking with United Airlines.