How to buy Qatar Airways Group flight tickets?

Do you wish to add a lot of people to the one booking to travel to several places? You have come to the right place where you can explore the group reservation and their benefits. One of the most affordable options is to choose Qatar Airways group travel as they work with the passengers' needs and preferences. 

Undoubtedly, group reservation starts with the 10 passengers to add everything required on the journey. In the following article, you can obtain the details about the rules, process, benefits, etc, to explore the world without any hurry. 

Categories of Group Travel on Qatar Airways:

When you choose to plan the group booking and want to fly with your loved ones, you always look for a suitable itinerary. Following are the group categories that airlines offer to all travelers. 

Sports Group:

You only need to focus on your next big name instead of the flight travel. Qatar Airways team always focuses on your needs and makes the reservation for your sports group while keeping in mind about your champion spirit. 

Education travel:

With the help of their team of professional planners, students get the best out of the travel. There is always a need to learn and explore the world to gain experience and enjoy. Make the reservation for your groups of students and make your trip more effective. 


Everyone wishes to create beautiful memories with their loved ones and relax from the daily routine. Plan your trip for a fantastic break to the dream destination and make your holidays the most memorable throughout the year. 

Other group reservations: 

If there is any other purpose for flying with more than 10, then you can easily plan with Qatar Airways. Request the group reservation for the meetings, conferences, colleagues, etc, at discounted prices.

How to request a group booking on Qatar Airways?

Whether you are planning a vacation with friends and family or getting relaxation from the daily routine with your colleagues, you can easily make a reservation for the group. Wherever you want to fly, airlines always have the best suitable options and prices to get the tickets. Here are the options you can use to fill out the Qatar Airways group travel form and request a reservation for your preferred destination. 


  • Visit Qatar Airways official site at 
  • Choose the group travel tab from the bottom. 
  • You can see the list of information about the group booking. 
  • Choose the book option from that to get the request form. 
  • Fill out the group form and add the essential information. 
  • Enter the group name and number of passengers. 
  • Provide the complete passenger information and travel documents. 
  • After this, give the travel details like trip type, travel class, and travel dates. 
  • You must provide the departure and arrival destination. 
  • Add the special preferences and submit the quote. 
  • They will share the confirmation message about the request immediately. 
  • Someone at customer service will reach out to you some time for a group trip.

Request at the airport: 

However, passengers can also reach out to the airport representative to get help with the reservation. They are available every time to provide you with assistance regarding flight services. Give them your preferences for th group journey and obtain the flight tickets. 

Use the Mobile App:

Besides the online platform, you can also use the mobile app and download the same from their website. There, provide the login credentials and access the reservation. Proceed to the group booking handle and submit the necessary details for your particular destination. 

How do I contact the Qatar Airways group travel desk?

To enquire about the group booking, connect with the customer service to talk to the live person. So, you can acquire the contact details to reach their group help desk online at their contact center section or follow the information below. 

  • Visit the Qatar Airways online site at 
  • Choose the help icon from the bottom of the screen. 
  • You can see the group booking section, which you need to open. 
  • Find ways to connect with the representative.
  • Pick the phone icon according to the country/region. 
  • Call the Qatar Airways group travel desk phone number at 1-786-232-0461.
  • Follow the on-call voice instructions carefully. 
  • When you pick the preferred command, your phone is transferred to the experts. 
  • They can help you arrange the group booking at the earliest possible time.

However, you can use the group customer service email ID at [email protected] to share the quotation for the best reservation of your choice. 

Qatar Airways Group Booking Policy:

To proceed with the group travel, you must know the essential points of the terms and conditions to make your journey smoother. Some of the information is given below. 

  • To fly in a group, there must be at least 10 passengers in a single reservation and eligible for the discounts. 
  • You need to submit some amount from the actual fare as a deposit to reserve the group travel.
  • Complete the remaining value at least 72 hours prior to the departure to avoid any penalty. 
  • Passengers can modify the reservation by connecting with the reservation team for assistance. 
  • You can add or change any passenger under some special circumstances and provide the relevant documents as proof. 
  • It is advisable to get the group reservation as soon as possible prior to the scheduled departure. 
  • Passengers are eligible to send the group quote upto three business days prior to the flight. 
  • Special seat assignments are there for the group journey so that you don't face any problems. 
  • Online check-in facility is not available for the group passengers as they need to reach the airport for the boarding pass. 
  • Once your group quote is approved, they will send you the confirmation message or connect with you on the phone. 

Exclusive Benefits of Qatar Airways Group Travel

Travelers are eligible for the multiple benefits for the group reservation to enjoy the journey. So, go through the suggested features according to your preferences and needs. 

  • Special fares: For ten or more people, each one in the itinerary gets special and discounted fares to save a huge amount on travel expenses. 
  • Secure the seat: You can get the group seat by paying a deposit and completing the balance within seven days prior to the actual flight takeoff. 
  • Advance purchases:  Get the extra baggage allowance as soon as possible, subject to the availability and applicable rates. 
  • Dedicated check-in counters: Group travelers are not able to complete the flight check online as they have the dedicated group check-in counters at the airport. 
  • Seats together: Airlines always offer seats for your group together on the aircraft after boarding as per the availability. 
  • Stopover packages: You can also ask the airlines to give you a special package for the stopovers at low prices. They can help you to arrange the necessary seats and other services at the layover.
  • Preferred meals: Drop the request about the preferred meals at the time of quotation. Airlines ensure hygiene to meet the desired requirements. 


You can see that group booking is one of the best and budget-friendly options for flying with 10 or more passengers. Get multiple features and support throughout the entire journey. Now you are aware of the Qatar Airways group booking eligibility and other requirements to manage the reservation easily. If you face any doubts, you can clear with the customer service team anytime and from anywhere worldwide.