How Can I Talk to a Travel Agent? Best Ways to Connect with Live Agents

How Can I Talk to a Travel Agent? Need Help !

Do you want to go on a dream vacation with your loved ones? It may require you to contact a travel agent. The reason could be anything like flight booking or to know about the latest flight deals. You must be looking to book your tickets as soon as possible. However, you have some queries that you want to clear before booking your next journey. 

But, you may not know how to get in touch with the travel agent. There are multiple ways to talk to a travel agent which includes phone number, live chat , email etc. Therefore , choose an option as per your need. 

By Phone Number

You can use the calling option to talk with a travel agent. Therefore, simply dial its number(xxx-xxxx-xxx)  and speak to him. The person will hear your query and provide assistance. 

Use Live Chat

If you are unable to connect with the travel agent on call, then use the live chat option. To use this option you can go through the following steps:

  • Visit the travel agent official website.
  • Scroll to “Contact us” option.
  • Then, search for “Live Chat” option.
  • A chat box will appear.
  • Type your message in the chat box
  • Further, the agent will reply to your message.

Note: You can also arrange a call back on live chat. The agent will call you as per your convenience.

Use Email Us option

You can also use the email option to connect with the travel agent. Get the email id from the travel agent website, compose the email and send it. You can also use the email us option on the website.

What Charges Apply to Talk to a Travel Agent?

Generally, it does not cost anything to talk to a travel agent. However, this may not be the situation every time. The agent may not ask for a fee when you want to know about a specific airline. But, if a travel agent solves your query and provides assistance then you may need to pay service charges. 

Also, the charges can differ with the location, timing, service type, circumstances etc. So, when you connect through phone or live chat, the charges can differ. However, when you do it when you talk to the agent by visiting its office, you may need to pay the fixed charges. 

How to Start a Conversation with a Travel Agent?

You can start your conversation by simply asking help for your next flight booking. Explain your requirements and kind of service you are looking for. You must have a travel related query that will become the basis of your conversation. 

Suppose you call a travel agent then you can start conversing in the following way:

  • Dial travel agent phone number(xxx-xxxx-xxx)
  • You may hear the IVR commands before connecting with the agent. 
  • Choose the prompts as per your need.
  • Press 1 for selecting the language
  • Press 2 for flight booking
  • Press 3 for flight cancellation and refund
  • Press 4 for latest flight deals
  • Press 5 to talk to a representative
  • Once you press 5 an agent will connect with you. 
  • Further, the agent will ask the reason for a call. 
  • Ask your query related to flight tickets reservation, cancellation, refund etc. 
  • Next, provide details like, departure, arrival, date of travel and so on. 
  • Accordingly, the agent will provide your different options in flights 
  • Ask your travel agent if there are any flight deals.
  • If yes! Then what is the validity of the offer? 
  • Further, know about the different payment options 
  • The agent will guide you through the flight booking process. 
  • Finally you can end the conversation. 

Please note that you can also use the live chat, email and social media option to start a conversation with a travel agent. It may take some time to get the reply but the method will surely work for you. 

What are the Disadvantages of using a Travel Agent?

Booking a travel service from the travel agent can have many disadvantages. You can go through the points below:

Difficult to Make Changes : The airline may not entertain you if you have booked the flight tickets from a travel agent. Therefore, in case of any discrepancy, the only option left with you is to call your travel agent. The travel agents ask for an extra fee that affects your savings.

No Elite Status Privileges: You earn Elite status by purchasing service from the airline. However, you may not use the current elite status if you make a booking via a third party. It mostly happens on hotel bookings. Therefore, you can use room upgrades, free breakfast, and other amenities. 

Cost More : Travel agents mainly earn through commission on hotel, flights and car rental bookings. Therefore, they can add their commission over the ticket price that can ultimately increase the cost for you. 

Difficult to Find a Trustworthy Agent: Endless travel agents are available in the market but not all are trustworthy. It requires a lot of effort to find a reliable agent for your next journey. You have to check reviews of all agents, consult with the people who have taken the service etc. 

So, if you are ok with the above cons then using a travel agent service is an ideal option for you. Otherwise, skip the process.