Does Spirit Airlines Compensate for Delayed Flights?

Does Spirit Airlines compensate for delayed flights? A Simple Guide to Spirit Airlines Flight Delay Compensation

Flying can be a hassle, especially when delays occur. If you frequently travel with Spirit Airlines, you might wonder, "Does Spirit Airlines compensate for delayed flights?" Knowing the airline’s compensation policy can save you a lot of stress and potential financial loss. However, you can avail of compensation from the Spirit flight delay compensation policy.

Spirit Airlines offers compensation for flight delays from the airlines by following the required rules and regulations. 

In case you find yourself amidst such unexpected circumstances in your travel in the future. This guide is going to walk you through step-by-step how to claim compensation.

5 Things to Know About Spirit Delayed Flight Compensation

Travelling can be super exciting! But an inevitable delay at the airport will throw your other plans off their tracks. There are compensations for these disruptions from Spirit Airlines.  Let’s look at these rules and regulations to get compensation:

  • There are two types of delays under the Spirit Airlines compensation policy: controllable and uncontrollable. Controllable categories include crew shortages or mechanical faultiness, which is entitled to compensation. However, uncontrollable delays, which occur due to weather, air traffic control, etc., are not entitled to compensation in Spirit Airlines. 
  • Delays happen! But only some delays are liable to fetch you the compensation. For example, your flight must be delayed by a long time, which may last a few hours. 
  • Spirit Airlines provides the facility of rebooking for its passengers in the case of flight delay. When the rebooking does not work, Spirit Airlines offers compensation in such cases. 
  • Compensation offered by the airlines depends upon several factors, including hotel booking (for overnight delays), meal vouchers, or even travel credit redeemable on future bookings.
  • While requesting the Spirit flight delay compensation, you must ensure you have all the valid proofs of your reservation. For example, a boarding pass, proof of any communications with the officials of Spirit Airlines regarding the delay, etc.

Who is Eligible for Spirit Airlines Flight Delay Compensation?

Eligibility plays a vital role in providing compensation to a passenger. A flyer must know when he can request for compensation. Spirit Airlines has defined who can get the compensation in case of flight delay.

Let us look at the eligible and non-eligible passengers below:


  • A Passenger is eligible to request compensation when the flight delay is over 3+ hours. 
  • If the flight delay is due to a controllable reason, the traveler will be eligible for Spirit Airlines flight delay compensation. For example, crew shortages, mechanical errors, etc.
  • A flyer is eligible for compensation if he misses a connecting flight due to delay and is not required to travel further.


  • A traveler whose flight gets disrupted due to uncontrollable reasons is not eligible to claim compensation. These may include weather-related delays like storms or fog, air traffic control, or other security reasons.
  • If Spirit Airlines provides you with another flight, the airline will not be obligated to pay compensation. 

Types of Compensation Under Delayed Policy

Spirit Airlines offers various types of compensation to a flyer for flight delays due to unforeseen reasons. Here are the types of Spirit flight delay compensation you may receive from the airline:

Meal Vouchers

The airline offers a meal Voucher for flight delays to help you recover the cost incurred on food during that period. However, the value of the voucher varies, so make sure to check when you receive it.

Hotel Expenses

For significant delays like where the delay stretches overnight, Spirit Airlines tends to offer compensation in the form of hotel booking. It is best when you are stuck at the airport for long hours.

Travel Credits

Spirit Airlines also offers travel credits instead of other compensation. A traveler can use the travel credit to book flights in the future with Spirit Airlines. However, there is validity as to what period the passenger can use it.

How to Claim Compensation for a Delayed Spirit Flight?

We understand that requesting for flight delay refund can be a confusing process. But do not worry! We have simplified this process for you in the following ways.

Step 1: Gather your Documentation

You must gather all your documents before you seek support in claiming your spirit flight delay compensation. The officials may ask you about your boarding pass, flight delay notification, and even the receipts of the expenses that you incurred at the time of the delay.

Step 2: Contact Spirit Airlines

There are a few ways to establish contact with Spirit Airlines. You can either contact the customer support executive at 844-989-7283 or fill out an online form by visiting their official website. 

Step 3: Explain the Delay and Request Cancellation

Once your contact gets connected with the concerned authorities of the airlines, you must explain the entire situation in detail and ask for your compensation. You must talk and explain the inconvenience you faced due to the flight delay.

Step 4: Be Patient

It may take time to claim your compensation. You need to be quite patient and persistent during the entire process. Otherwise, you may lose the compensation money.

Wrapping Up

Unforeseen flight delays can make your travel plans go in vain. It leads to many things, like you may miss a family wedding, an important meeting, or a guest event. Therefore, there is a Spirit flight delay compensation policy to compensate for the loss. Unaware of such policies, many passengers miss the chance to get a compensation claim. So, to make sure every flyer gets the correct compensation, we have curated this guide. If still some doubts then you can talk to Spirit airlines Customer service live agents 1-855-728-3555.


No, you cannot get compensation, as Spirit Airlines offers compensation when the flight gets delayed for over 3 hours.

It can take a few weeks to 2-3 months, depending on the claim’s complexity and processing times. For further assistance regarding your Spirit compensation for delayed flight, get in touch with a customer service executive at 1-855-728-3555

Generally, weather-related delays are not eligible for compensation, as they are beyond the airline’s control.

Yes, compensation is available for international flights, but eligibility criteria might vary based on the specific circumstances and applicable regulations.